The El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District Board of Directors held their regular monthly meeting on October 5, 2011, at 6:00 PM at 755 E. Second Avenue, Suite 2A, Durango, Colorado. Board members present were: Steve Swisher – President

Jack Wasserbach – Vice President

Tony Rocha – Secretary

David Ships – Treasurer

Robin Boucher – Director

Also present at the meeting were Robert Ludwig, Water Operator and Marsha Moreland – Administrator to the Board. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by the President.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the minutes of September 21, 2011 as revised.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the payables for October as attached.


The Board welcomed Robert Ludwig as the new water operator for the District. Robert holds a Class ‘A’ Water Treatment license and currently does not hold licensing for Distribution. The Board is requiring that he obtain his Distribution license. He is to contract with someone to operate on Distribution who holds the appropriate license. His contract is $1500/mo. (it allows for 20 Hrs. /mo.) anything over the contract is billed at $30/Hr. The sheds have been cleaned out and trash hauled to the dump. In doing so, Robert has inquired about keys and requested a: 2 inch Valve key, curb stop key and meter yoke key, curb stop operating rod, 5 point wrench and extra repair couplings in inventory. Marsha will make sure that there are accounts set up at Green Analytical, Health Dept., Summit Supply and Grand Junction Pipe for repair items and testing.

Robert did receive all of Ray Smith’s records but has not yet gone through them all. He does want to review all the testing that has been done so far before treatment type is determined. There could be as much as $8,000 plus spent on testing in 2012.

There followed discussion on how the infiltration gallery is having difficulty keeping up with the usage. The alarm keeps going off and Robert is working on trying to trouble shoot the situation.

The water level in the tank is 15.7 feet currently, but that may change a bit with winter coming on. His plan is to maintain a .8 chlorine level where the minimum is .2. The CT calculations were presented to the Jocelyn Mullen and nothing has been heard from her department as yet. He does feel the District is n a ‘safe zone’ at this point. The State Health Dept. is being completely restructured and will be located in one location, rather than regional locations.

The Source Water is protected, but ‘control’ of contaminants is necessary. It takes 90 days for the State Health Dept. to review plans and then another 90 days for a return of their recommendations to be received. Timing is critical here and the District needs to move a little faster than it has been. Marsha will contact the insurance for a change in operators for coverage.


Robert said that for about $1300 he can do the Cross Connection Policy and purchase software that will help tracking of resident’s inspections and remedial actions. All meters will need a yoke assembly on them for the correct cross connection control.


A brief discussion followed on how treatment will be paid for on the new requirements by the State. The current loan is for a new pump house and distribution improvements. Treatment improvements will have to be funded thru a new loan. More discussion on this later after the District finds out what the State is going to require.


Jack Wasserbach reported that on Sept. 21st a meeting was held on what the ‘possible sources of contamination’ are. There are numerous ones such as: PSOC, septic systems within the subdivision, commercial activities in the zone of influence, horse pastures above the subdivisions, etc.


  1. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE – Only one disconnect notice was mailed out this month.
  2. BUDGET 2012 – Marsha reviewed the draft of the 2012 Budget with the Board and Robert Ludwig, water operator. $16,000 for testing may be a bit high but at this time leave it as it is listed. Inspection of the old tank and repairs will be done this month and the amount for that can be doubled for the larger tank next year. Mill Levy collected in 2012 will be considerable less since the payment will only be around $7,200. Fees will remain the same for 2012 with regard to Capital Assessment Fees in Water and Road Funds. There will be Election expenses for BOD to elected next year say $2500- $3000. Election will be a mail ballot election for the Board. $2500 for filtration media is budgeted for on treatment and a Bond payment of $7,106.31 and a Loan payment of $12,626.70. $290,000 in Capital Improvements is budgeted for a new pump house, engineering, meters and software. These expenses are covered under the loan amount. The Road Fund expenses will remain about the same as this year.
  3. BILLING MESSAGES – New Water operator and phone number.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

____________________________, Secretary