April 11, 2017

Regular Meeting – April 11, 2017


A regular meeting of the Board of Directors for the El Rancho Florida HOA, Inc. was held on April 11, 2017 at 6:00 PM at 280 Sundance Circle. Present for the meeting were:

Rex Emenegger – President
Eric Sibelius – Vice President
Teri Roberts – Secretary
Pete Diethrich – Treaurer
Wendy Ludgewait

Also present was: Marsha Moreland, Administrator.


A motion was made and passed to approve the minutes of the January 10, 2017 regular meeting and February 14, 2017 annual meeting.


  1. Appoint Officers – A motion was made and passed to appoint Rex Emenegger – President; Eric Sibelius – Vice President; Teri Roberts – Secretary; Pete Diethrich – Treasurer.
  2. Accounts Receivable – The Board agreed to file a lien on any account that is 2 years delinquent.
  3. Accounts Payable – Payables were approved totaling $9,011.86 for the period ending April 12, 2017.
  4. 2017 Budget – The budget was reviewed.


  1. After a brief discussion it was re-confirmed that variances only be considered for homeowners in good standing.
  2. A new insurance policy for the HOA has been received from Wolcott Insurance Agency thru Philadelphia Insurance Companies for $2,132 saving 10%.
  3. The new shade structures have been installed. It was agreed that the unstable old shade structure be removed. The new pro panels will be saved.
  4. Subdivision wide ‘Garage Sale’ is April 15th between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm. Scot Davis and Wendy Ludgewait will be putting signs out on the county roads.  Residents participating will post directional signs to their property.
  5. Pioneer Ditch Report – Eric Sibelius gave a brief update:
    a)  Erik Greer is the ditch rider for 2017.   Mike Shumway is the new president.  Eric Sibelius was re-elected to the board of directors representing the HOA.   The Pioneer Ditch is in the process of rewriting their By Laws.  Both adjudicated and project water will be accurately measured where it enters and exits the subdivision.  All adjudicated users are required to install a screw type head gate.  All existing non-compliant diversions such as siphons, pumps or suction hoses will be removed and the ditch bank restored prior to May 5, 2017.
    b)  The HOA will pay for a new entrance flume (approximately $1,035 plus delivery). It will be installed by Pioneer Ditch. The ditch company will also install a measuring flume where the water leaves the subdivision.   Eric, Teri and Wendy will walk the ditch to ensure compliance.
    c)  The annual ditch allocation fee for 2017 is $ 130.
  6. Common Area – A new gate code will be activated April 29. Marsha will put it on the billings.  Residents are reminded not to share the code with non-residents.  The trash and porta-potty services will resume May 1st.  The new gate code is:  7102
  7. Vacation Rentals – Tabled.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.

Teri Roberts, Secretary