The Annual meeting of the El Rancho Florida Homeowners Association was held on February 10, 2009, 6:00 PM, at 1400 US Hwy. 172 – Faith Community Church of the Nazarene. Present at the meeting were:

Jack Wasserbach – President

Rex Emenegger – Vice President

David Shultz – Treasurer

Peter Dietrich

There were 11 lots represented and 6 proxies received making a total of 17 lots present. Marsha Moreland, Administrator was present for the meeting. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM and notice of the meeting was mailed to each homeowner along with an Agenda, Minutes, Proxy Form and their annual billings. The notice was published in the Durango Herald on Feb.1 and 8, 2009.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the minutes of February 12, 2008 Annual meeting as submitted.


Jack Wasserbach, President, reported that in 2008 there were 9 regular meetings of the Board of Directors along with 4 Special Meetings whereby the Board took an active part in providing information to the residents on the Ballot Issue 5C for the November election of the Metropolitan District. The Ballot Issue passed by 86%: 160 voting YES and 26 voting NO. The Issue allows the Metropolitan District to incur debt up to $2 million in improvements to the Water System in upcoming years thru property tax revenue.

The HOA BOD approved 2 garages, 1 barn and 1 home which were all issues related to the setback requirements in the Covenants. They also approved 2 miniature donkeys, investigated the number of horses on a lot, dealt with issues of dogs, noise, and irrigation water. The Ditch Walker, Bill Westendorf, did a great job for the HOA this past season.

The HOA will be investigating getting more project water for the Association lot owners who are able to access the ditch. The Board may lease or purchase water rights that may be available. Contacts have been made and they are waiting for a follow-up this spring.


Ÿ The Board asked those present if they felt a Clean Up Day should be done this year with the cost spread out over all the lots. Cost last time was $36/lot. It was the consensus of those lot owners present to do the Clean Up every 5 years.

Ÿ This year the Board has offered an option on paying the Annual Dues and Ditch Fees. Payments can be broken into two payments if desired.


David Shultz was nominated to do another 3 year term on the Board of Directors.

Motion: A motion was made, moved and passed to have David Shultz do a 3 year term on the HOA Board of Directors.

BUDGET 2009:

Vice President, Rex Emenegger, reported to those present that the BOD has a goal to build $50,000 in the HOA reserve fund He reviewed the 2009 expenses and income. There is a 10% increase in the Annual Dues as allowed in the Covenants.



Ÿ Are the Home Values changing? 6 properties sold in the subdivision last year. The values seem so far to be fairly consistent. The last sale was a fully improved lot for $196,000.

Ÿ Will there be a lake in Unit II? It is planned to one day fill a lake with irrigation water and deliver it to all the lots thru the current water lines owned by the Metro. District. That would require the District BOD to replace all the existing lines with new ones throughout the subdivision used to provide domestic water service to all the lots.

Ÿ Lot owners are encouraged to attend the Metro. District meetings each month. Perhaps an annual meeting in the summer months can be combined with the HOA. The next HOA meeting is at 6:00 PM at Rex’s house on March 10th.


The Board discussed the plans presented by Sandy Mitchell for a barn that meets the setbacks as required in the Covenants. The Board approved her construction plans and materials.

A motion was made, moved and passed to allow the construction of Sandy Mitchell’s Barn as presented to the BOD.

There being no further business the Annual meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.

Kate Pickford,