February 14, 2017


Annual Meeting –  2017

The Annual Meeting of the El Rancho Florida HOA, Inc. was held on February 14, 2017 at 6:05 p.m. at the Oxford Grange, 8016 Hwy 172, Durango, Colorado.  Board members present were: Rex Emenegger, Pete Dietrich, Teri Roberts and Eric Sibelius.


Rex Emenegger, President reported that the meeting notice was emailed, mailed and published in the Durango Herald.  There were 29 proxies received and 20 lots present in person satisfying the quorum requirement of 20 lots.  The Board of Directors and the homeowners present introduced themselves.


A motion was made and passed approving the minutes of the Annual Meeting of February 9, 2016 as written.


  1.   Standardized blue and white reflective address numbers for use at your driveway are available (free) from the La Plata County Building Department at 211 Rock Point Drive.
  2.   Members were reminded that the HOA is responsible for the enforcement of the Covenants and the Rules & Regulations of the Association whereas the METRO District is responsible for the water system, the roads and the common area.
  3.   Of the 133 lots in the subdivision, 6 are vacant and 6 are for sale.  9 lots sold in 2016.
  4.   The Board met 9 times in 2016 including the annual meeting.
  5.    The website (elranchoflorida.org) contains information regarding both the Metro District and the HOA.  A Community Services Directory has been added this year.  Contact Teri Roberts regarding adding your name to the Directory.  Teri also manages the Beach Calendar.
  6. The Board dealt with various Building & Construction issues, Vandalism & Break-in issues, Alleged Rule & Regulation violations and one request for withdrawal of a property from the HOA.  Details of these events are available In the minutes as posted on the website.


Eric Sibelius currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Ditch Company.  It was moved and passed to nominate Eric for the vacant position on that Board at their annual meeting in March 2017.  It was also moved and passed to authorize Eric to vote the 155.06 shares of the HOA at that annual meeting.

Eric reported that the preliminary snowpack/water content in the mountains should translate into a “100% use” irrigation season.  The project water should last the entire irrigation  season,  employing the “4 days on, 3 days off” system that was successfully used last year.  Irrigation information and Eric’s contact numbers are available on the web site.  Pioneer ditch fees are anticipated to increase this year.

The Pioneer Ditch Company requires the installation of head gates for all adjudicated water users.  Drawing water from the ditch directly is not allowed.


Speeding, safety and road degradation was discussed.  It was agreed that speeding is a serious concern on all subdivision roads.  Various methods of controlling speeding as well as the pros and cons of those methods were discussed.  It was agreed to recommend to the Metro Board that the use of the traffic barrels be continued this year.


Permitting  “full time vacation rentals”  was discussed.  It was agreed that no Rules & Regulations were needed at this time. The Board would continue to discourage such use.


It was moved and passed to elect Rex Emenegger and Wendy Ludgewait to the Board of Directors for terms expiring in February 2020.


Pete Dietrich, Treasurer reported that the HOA is fiscally sound.  The annual dues will remain at $120.  There is $62,000 in surplus. There are $ 3,100 in delinquencies.  Members are reminded that credit cards are accepted for payments.   A motion was made and passed to approve the budget for 2017.


Steve Swisher, President reported on the water system improvements.  The new 8” water distribution lines have been installed.  Future line improvements are planned for Sundance Circle and all of the cul-de-sacs.  Fire hydrants are now functional.  Additional hydrants will be added as the older lines are replaced.

Additional topics included prevention of pollution to the infiltration gallery,  fluoride,  bond and property tax status.  The Board is developing a “replacement policy” whereby the Metro District may assist individual homeowners with the cost of replacing aging service lines.

The subdivision roads will be improved this year with the addition of road base and with the application of a magnesium chloride based hardener.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m. with thanks to all participating.

Teri Roberts, Secretary