The Annual meeting of the El Rancho Florida Homeowners Association was held on February 16, 2010, 6:00 PM, at 1400 US Hwy. 172 – Faith Community Church of the Nazarene.   Present at the meeting were:

Jack Wasserbach – President
Rex Emenegger – Vice President
David Shultz – Treasurer
Peter Diethrich

There were 29 lots represented, 10 of which were proxies.   Marsha Moreland, Administrator was also present for the meeting.  The meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM and notice of the meeting was mailed to each homeowner along with an Agenda, Minutes, Proxy Form and their annual billings.

A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the minutes of February 10, 2009 Annual meeting as submitted and revised to reflect that the Metro. District BOD has not discussed the use of the domestic water lines being used for an irrigation system in the future.  An idea like this would only work if all the domestic water mains were abandoned and new lines put in.  It is quite an expensive venture for the Metro. District to consider at this time.


There were a few issues that were mediated in 2009 with individual homeowners.  There were complaints of dead trees in the ROWs, dogs barking and properties in need of cleaning up and repairs.

Those present were asked if they felt a Clean Up Day is a good idea for 2010.  From those present it was 10 for and 5 opposed to the Clean Up Day efforts.  There followed a discussion as to how the Board would pay for the dumpsters and it was suggested to just put in budget and reduce the fee charged to everyone.

BUDGET 2010:

It was pointed out by the Board that the fees could have been increased by 10% for 2010, however, the Board has decided not to.  There was a 5% increase in the ditch fees to cover the costs related to the ditch and assessed only to those benefiting from and using the ditch.


The General Liability and Directors and Officers coverage was dropped by the previous carrier.
In an effort to have coverage a premium of $5,000 was paid, however, Rex Emenegger and Marsha pursued other carriers.  Rex has found coverage for less than $2000 and the Board will
drop the more expensive coverage and ask for a refund of premium prorated to day of new policy.


There are 2 positions open on the Board for nominations, Jack and Peter Diethrich’s positions.
A motion was made, moved and passed to nominate Jack Wasserbach and Peter Diethrich for another 3 year term each.


The Metro. District Board members present were:  Steve Swisher, Tony Rocha, David Shipps and Jack Wasserbach.  Steve Swisher, President, gave an overview of 2009 for those present.

1)  The new 158,000 gal. Tank was completed the end of August 2009.  The cost was $259,000 with a 50/50 match with a DOLA grant received by the District.  There is adequate storage for domestic use and fire fighting, however, the mains are still insufficiently sized to provide the require flow for fire fighting.

2)  The new Telemetry Controls are in on the main pump house.  The telemetry system talks to the tanks and is quite streamlined.  It can be accessed by computer or phone.  The controls upgrade cost $33,000.

3)  The Bridge Decking was paved and concrete aprons poured at each end of the bridge.  Costs involved were $42,500.

4)  The BOD is negotiating the cost and parameters of a water system study.  The original system cost $200,000.  It is a ‘Ground Water’ classification but that could change with regulations that are changing.  If the system is re-classified it will be a very expensive project that would need to be done very quickly.  The Board would probably have to utilize the Revenue Bond aspect of 2 million.

5)  Jack is certified to run the system but wants to merely understand the ins and outs of the system as a Board Member.  The State is not as understanding as they used to be.  The District has no violations and meets the criteria of the State Health Department.  All testing on the water comes back as passed and clean.

6)  The reason for the $25.00 rate increase on the Capital Assessments is to continue to build a reserve, most of which was depleted with the tank & controls, for upcoming upgrades and improvements that are needed.  The BOD is trying to be pro-active in looking ahead for upcoming regulations and the District’s financial status.  For the next round or upgrades and improvements the Board will consider low interest loans at 3.5% for 40 years, grants, and/or the revenue bonds at 8% for 20 years.  The District can only incur a 2 million debt based on the home values in El Rancho Florida Subdivision.

Steve explained briefly just how the system works for those present.  Ken Charles elaborated on the process of applying for grant money and the need for ‘match’ money, and applications with RSD and USDA loans.  For any money to be received, whether grants or loans, the District must have an Engineering Study done to accompany the applications in order to be considered.

7)  Most of the Homeowners in the subdivision have received a letter from BP AMOCO concerning the increased drilling in the La Plata County.  The BOD has contacted Bud Smith, the District’s attorney, on just how the increased drilling would impact the District’s water supply and water rights.  The District will file an Objection to the proposed drilling by BP AMOCO.  Homeowners should do the same.

8)  Steve recognized the problems with snow removal this winter and said a few mistakes have been made.  The District has a new grader operator and he is trying to familiarize himself with the District’s roads.  The Board is committed to doing a better job with the snow removal than previously.  The mag. chloride application will be done again in the spring this year.  Many of the homeowner’s driveway culverts are blocked with gravel and mud and need to be cleaned.  It is the responsibility of the homeowners not the Metro. District to clean them out.  There is also a draining issue for some of the driveways whereby they drain onto the District roadways rather than off into the bar ditch along side the homeowner’s driveway.

There were comments from those present that the roads are too narrow from not plowing the snow far enough back and allowing for 2 way traffic.  Donna Emenegger stated that the banks of snow can be cut back or ‘banked’ and widened yet.  Just will require more work now than if they had been plowed wide enough to begin with.  Steve stated that the policies are not adequate this year but will be working on a better policy for next year.

9)  Rex Emenegger wants to know why the BOD does not amortize the $65/mo. Capital Assessment fee with the bond issue.  He does not feel the subdivision needs two BOD and should change their charter and turn the roads over to the HOA.  Steve stated that the organization of a ‘Special’ District is more complicated than just dropping off services.  That will be an issue that can be discussed with Bud Smith.

10) Gary Wolt stated that he may know of a ‘potential’ bridge that can be used to place over the ravine in UNIT II common area.  He will check into it further and get with the Metro. BOD.

11)  The ‘potential’ lake for storing irrigation water for Unit II common area is a very low priority on the Metro. Boards plate right now.

The Board thanked those in attendance and for giving their input at this meeting.   Homeowners are always welcomed at the Metro. and HOA meetings.  There being no further items to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.