REGULAR MEETING – July 13, 2010


The regular meeting of the El Rancho Florida Homeowners Association was held on July 13, 2010, 6:00 PM, at 20 Cassidy Drive – Jack Wasserbach‘s house.   Present at the meeting were:

Jack Wasserbach – President
Rex Emenegger – Vice President
Kate Pickford – Secretary
Peter Diethrich
Dave Shultz

Also present at the meeting was Bill Westendorf, Ditch Walker and Marsha Moreland – Executive Secretary.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the minutes for April 13, 2010 as submitted.


Bill Westendorf reported to the Board that the irrigation ditch is on call after July 18th.  Only Shumway will be able to use the ditch as the HOA has used their total allocation of water for the season.  Bill will be finishing up the season and doing some maintenance along the ditch in the fall for Pioneer Ditch.  There followed a discussion concerning the leasing of water rights from those landowners who do not utilize their allocations of water.  There will be more discussion on this subject next spring.


Ÿ         Semi-Annual billings to go out to those who haven’t paid yet.

Ÿ         Budget Comparison for the 2010 budget look good.  Two properties have sold bringing  in $600 in Transfer Fees.

Ÿ         Messages for the Metro. Billings are:

– No use of the irrigation ditch after July 18th.  only Shumway is allowed to pull from the ditch.

– 2 Bears sited in subdivision – keep pets and trash cans inside at night.

– There have been a couple of theft incidents during the day and owners are to report

anyone who is suspicious to the Sheriff’s Department.


The HOA is considering renting a Port a Potty for down at the ponds.  Jack has cleaned up the area and feels it is a good idea if the Metro. Board is in agreement.  The potty rental would maintain a sanitary environment down at the ponds for the residents.  All agreed that it would be

a worth while expense.  The HOA will try it for 5-6 months.  The cost is around $120/mo. and the location needs to accessible for the sanitary trucks to service.


  • The Preliminary Engineering Plan is complete.
  • The District will be researching sources of funding and filing applications thru the Power and Water Authority and the USDA.
  • A grant will be applied for thru DOLA and consideration of a low interest loan for improvements.

There is a great deal of work that goes into completing the applications and requirements are to have an Environmental Assessment completed yet.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.


_Kate Pickford, Secretary