March 12, 2019



A Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors for the El Rancho Florida HOA, Inc. was held on March 12, 2019 at 6:00 PM at 280 Sundance Circle. Present for the meeting were:

Rex Emenegger – President
Eric Sibelius – Vice President
Pete Dietrich – Treasurer
Wendy Ludgewait – Secretary
Paul Valdez- Director

Marsha Moreland was also in attendance.


The minutes of January 8, – Regular meeting and the Annual Meeting of February 12, 2019 were approved.  Marsha will send out the Annual meeting minutes to the membership.



  1. Officers – A motion was made and passed appointing Rex Emenegger as President, Eric Sibelius as Vice President, Pete Diethrich as Treasurer, Wendy Ludgewait as Secretary and Paul Valdez as 5th
  2. Accounts Receivable totaled $1,868.69. Delinquent accounts, as determined by the Board, will continue to be liened and will be reported to the 3 major credit companies (Experian, EquiFax & Transunion).
  3. Accounts Payable totaling $2,616.33 were approved by the Board.
  4. Fees for 2019 are approved by the Board as follows:   Annual Dues $120 and the Annual       Irrigation Ditch Maintenance and Users Fee at $250.  Marsha will send out the bills after the       Pioneer Ditch Company’s (PDC) annual meeting, where they will announce their fees for       2019.
  5. Pioneer Ditch Company’s Annual meeting is March 19th at 6:00 PM, at the Florida Mesa Grange on Hwy. 172.  Marsha will e-mail the agenda to all ditch users.  Rex was authorized       to vote the shares of the Association at the meeting.
  6. Contractor rates that were received by Marsha and Eric were determined to all be within the same price range.
  7. File Digitizing is almost complete. Wendy still has the customer account files to do. She is       hoping to complete it by the end of March.



Annual Meeting discussion items:  There were no comments from the floor regarding the following agenda items. The Board will make the final determination on each item.

  1. Annual Picnic in 2019 – The picnic will not be held this year.
  2. Yard Sale – There will only be one yard sale in early May.
  3. “Welcome to El Rancho Florida Subdivision” signs – Rex reported that in fairness to the different areas in the subdivision, there could reasonably be 5 signs needed: CR 222, CR 510, Oxford Place, Ridge Place and Valley Trail.  The discussion was tabled until the April meeting.
  4. Align Tec, according to Paul Valdez, is very interested in putting internet equipment at the water tank site. They could provide 50 mbs. More on this at the next meeting.

New owners in February: 

230 Sundance Circle was sold to Amy Barrile & Dennis Morrisroe.
21 Valley Trail was sold to Corey & Mary Lindt
692 Sundance Circle sold to John Creighton

For Sale:

Clark/Judd – 700 Pioneer Circle
Suzanne Carlson – 120 Sundance Circle
Schultheiss – 563 Ranchos Florida Drive
Cleveland – 21 Valley Trail
Wilson/Fox – 41 Ridge Place/CR 510

IV.  Irrigation – There will be a general information meeting of the Irrigation users sometime in April. Tom Fidler, the Water Commissioner will be invited.  Agenda items will include the maintenance and cleaning of the ditch, the shared rate structure and the irrigation requirements dictated by the by-laws of the Pioneer Ditch Company.  A remedy to providing water to the last 4 users on Lateral C will also be presented.  The recommended solution will cost approximately $400 to each of those users.  An additional sum will be assessed to Dr. Bricker for the cost of the parshall flume necessary to measure the project water delivered to him.  (Property owners involved are:  Bricker, Banes, Webber, & Holmes.)

V.  Alleged “Dog Kennel Operation” at 91 Pioneer Place – Discussion was tabled until the April meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Wendy Ludgewait, Secretary