March 8, 2016

Regular Meeting – March 8, 2016

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors for the El Rancho Florida HOA, Inc. was held on March 8, 2016 at 6:00 PM at 280 Sundance Circle.  Present for the meeting were:

Rex Emenegger- President
Pete Dietrich – Vice President
Teri Roberts – Secretary

Also present were Scot Davis, Homeowner and Marsha Moreland, Administrator.


A motion was made, and passed to approve the minutes of the January 12, 2016 regular meeting and the February 9, 2016 Annual Meeting as written.


  1. The Accounts Payables were approved as presented totaling $346.61.
  2. Accounts Receivable was discussed in the amount of $4,054.31, the majority of which is Walter Dahlstrom’s account of $3,500 in dues and late fees. The Board will decide at the next meeting when to file liens on delinquent accounts. Dahlstrom’s account has a lien filed and currently scheduled for foreclosure action May 17,
  3. Discussion of items from the Annual Meeting – there were none.
  4. Board Vacancy – A motion was made and passed to appoint Scot Davis to the Board completing the term of Kate Pickford thru 2017. Marsha will update the web site with the current board member information.
  5. Eric Sibelius’ contract for 2016 as the Association’s Irrigation Manager was signed with minor changes in the contract.
  6. Attorney Research:
  7. Dahlstrom’s delinquency was discussed based on Tracey Cross’ counsel.
  8. A brief discussion on the posting of delinquent homeowners accounts.  There is no statutory restriction on posting information regarding delinquent accounts.
  9. The gate combination will be changed at the common area by the bridge on April 1st.
  10. Messages for the monthly billings:
  11. New gate combo effective April 1st.
  12. Reminder to access the web site for the latest Subdivision news and information.
  13. The County Building Dept. has standardized reflective house numbers for FREE so that emergency response teams can quickly find their home. They are available at 211 Rock Point Drive in the Tech Center.
  14. Remind Homeowners that they can pay their HOA Dues and Water bills with a credit card simply by calling Marsha at 749-2682 for the authorization form(s).


  1. A complaint was received from Jennifer Wester on suspicious activity at 41 Cassidy Drive. The County Sheriff was called out to investigate and found ‘nothing’ except that some of the windows were boarded up.
  2. Autumn Concepcion’s request to replace the existing single wide on the lot at 2616 CR 510. Request was denied by the Board as mobile homes are not allowed.
  3. Don Bricker’s improvements to 480 Ranchos Florida Drive – approval was not necessary for putting on a porch, replacing the roof, and painting the house.

INPUT FROM HOMEOWNERS ATTENDING:  There were no Homeowners in attendance.

There being no further discussion the meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm.

___________, Secretary