May 14, 2019

El Rancho Florida HOA regular meeting minutes May 14, 2019


Present: Rex Emeneger, Eric Sibelius, Wendy Ludgewait, Paul Valdez (Marsha was delayed)

Meeting called to order at 6:24 p.m.

Agenda and meeting minutes from April approved.


Payables approved.


  1. Ditch/Irrigation
  • Paul reported that the water is flowing in the main ditch and the flush of the main is complete.
  • Paul is putting together a ditch website page, but we need to connect it to our Facebook page and the HOA website to make it more accessible.
  • The HOA needs to send out the bill for the Lateral D installation costs to the following homeowners: Humble, Davis, Banes, Webber, Holmes, Bricker, Clapp, and Speece. The total bill = $3093.00 so each homeowner will be billed $386.63. Wendy will draft a short note to include with the itemized breakdown.
  • Maintenance issues:
  • Sonny will excavate the drainage at Pioneer Circle/Riverfront to Speece’s fence and at Pioneer Circle/ Riverfront.
  • We’ll need to do maintenance at the slider head gate on lateral A (in the fall)
  • Will need to shorten the culvert that comes out of the lateral B gate allowing a more accurance water measurement through the parshall flume (in the fall)
  • Items for water attorney/water authority

Tom Hamilton submitted the following items/comments in response to the irrigation meeting held with the homeowners in April regarding the PIoneer Ditch Company:

  • If the ditch crosses a property with NO water rights, is the owner responsible for maintenance?
  • Can a property owner with no water rights be charged a delivery fee?
  • Can the BOD bar a director from meetings?
  • Can the BOD refuse shareholders the right to speak at public meetings?
  • Shouldn’t the maintenance fee be equally shared with all shareholders?

In addition, the board added the following items for consideration:

  • How do we address the lack of maintenance for the past 30-40 years?
  • Why did the fees to the ERFHOA go from $150 to $9150 in the span of a year, especially now that we’re doing our own maintenance?
  • Our understanding is that almost all the ditch loss is charged against us, giving us less water. This needs to be adjusted so that ditch loss is charged equally to all users
  • The Pioneer Ditch Company BOD does not have any transparency to its shareholders and does not post meeting minutes accurately if at all.

There was a discussion about what authority oversees the Pioneer Ditch Company. Tom has suggested we consult the Attorney General. We will also check with the Secretary of State as well as the  PDC attorney, Amy Huff.

  1. Delinquent accounts:
  • Marsha filed a lien against Herting in May and will now report him to the credit bureaus.
  1. Metro report:
  • The next/final phase of the water improvement project will begin on May 20.
  • Mag chloride will go down on June 4
  • The metro will be stocking the pond this summer.
  • Metro and Aligntech are working out the logistics for installing the new internet tower. There’s a piece of angle iron on top of the water tower that Aligntech thinks they can attach the equipment to.
  1. General complaints/issues
  • Wendy will draft a letter to the kennel owners at Pioneer Place to inform them that the HOA has passed a kennel ordinance.
  • We received a complaint letter from _Longwell regarding several residences with junked cars and the Perkins property at  on 251 Pioneer Circle that put in the motocross track. After a discussion about which properties may be grandfathered, it was decided that Wendy would check the covenants to determine what can be done. From there, Rex will draft a response letter to the complainant.
  • Marsha got a call from Meridith Breedan (60 Oxford Place new resident) checking to see if it’s all right if her mother who’s visiting for a few weeks can bring her bulldog. The board determined that as long as the animal follows the same leash rules, etc. as other residents, there should be no problem.

Yard sale is May 25.  Wendy & Rex will put the signs up.  Wendy will place the yard sale ad in the Herald.

Common area gate combo has been changed.

Meeting adjourned 7:30pm