May 9, 2017

Regular Meeting – May 9, 2017


A regular meeting of the Board of Directors for the El Rancho Florida HOA, Inc. was held on May 9, 2017 at 6:00 PM at 280 Sundance Circle. Present for the meeting were:

Rex Emenegger – President
Eric Sibelius – Vice President
Teri Roberts – Secretary
Pete Diethrich – Treasurer
Wendy Ludgewait

Also present was: Marsha Moreland, Administrator.


A motion was made and passed to approve the minutes of the April 11, 2017 regular meeting.


1.      Accounts Receivable – Delinquent accounts total $1,144.23.  Marsha has filed one ‘Intent to File a Lien”.

2.      Accounts Payable – Total of payables approved for May are $1,306.18.


1.      Old shade structure at the pond was found to be stable and will not be removed.

2.      Vacation Rental discussion – Since there have been no inquiries since the annual meeting there is nothing further to discuss.

3.      Ditch Report – Eric Sibelius, Irrigation Superintendent, reported that 7 new head gates were installed by owners.  The remaining owners without head gates will not receive any water this season. A new 24” flume has been installed on the main ditch prior to its entrance into the subdivision property.  The cost of the flume was paid by our irrigators.   A new 9” flume has also been installed where the water exits the subdivision.

4.      New construction:

a.      Troy Niswender – 94 Pioneer Place is building a home on the lot.
b.      Karassa Schaefer – 923 Sundance Circle – building a metal barn – approved
c.      Noah Lopez – 13 Valley Place – addition to their home – approved
d.      Sonny Hale – 389 Cassidy Dr. – building garage/equipment building – approved

5.      Yard Sale Report – It was a success.  About 10 homeowners participated.

6.      New Owners – Greg & Heather Perkins bought 251 Pioneer Circle

7.      Properties for sale:

a.      Peterson – 111 Valley Place
b.      Dickenson – 92 River Front Place
c.      Tony Rocha – 135 Ute Place (vacant lot)


1.      Announce ‘Neighborhood Beach Party’ on June 11th, starts at 12 noon.

2.      Pond Code

Adjourned at 7:00

_______________________, Secretary