The El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District Board of Directors held their regular monthly meeting on August 1, 2012 at 6:00 PM at 755 E. Second Avenue, Suite 2A, Durango, Colorado.  Board members present were:

Steve Swisher – President
Jack Wasserbach – Vice President
Tony Rocha – Secretary
David Shipps – Treasurer
Robin Boucher – Director

Also present at the meeting were: Rick Johnson – San Juan Engineering, Robert Ludwig –  Water Operator and Marsha Moreland – Administrator to the Board.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by the President.

A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the minutes for July 18, 2012 as submitted.

WATER REPORT: (Monthly system update)
Robert Ludwig reported that he has replaced all 5 of the broken meters and that all the meters are working now.  He is budgeting about $150/mo. on bleach for the system right now.  That may increase when the new system is up and running.  Robin Boucher asked Robert to check into the cost of buying bleach in 55 gal. drums rather than the 1 gallon bottles.  It may be a cost saving for the District.
The irrigation ditches are going to be shut off on August 4th. so the District may have to implement water restrictions.  It is the earliest in the season that the ditches have ever been shut off in 10+ years.  Robert has written a notice that will go on the bills.   He will be watching the use closely over the next couple of months.  The tank level is at 24 feet.

The pump house design, specs and plans have been sent into the State with a letter to Andrew Rice. Erick Worker has also been sent a copy of everything to review.   Rick presented 2 copies to the BOD for review by Robert and Jack.  He informed the BOD that there is still a little fine tuning to do on the Control programing by Timberline.  Robert Ludwig stated that he wanted to review the logic on the programs by EFI and Timberline Electric.  Rick stated the plans will use the ‘watt watcher’ logic where by 85% of the pumping power/use will be during off hours.  That could save about $100/mo. on electricity for the District.

The Wetlands 404 Permit has been submitted.  He is waiting for Source approval of the new infiltration gallery.  Rick wants to be sure the new gallery is constructed before the new pump house is tied in.  The State has to respond with 45 days with approval.  Then bidding will take place about the August 25th.  He discussed ‘Owner Supplied Equipment’ and is feeling like a pre-cast vault should be considered ‘Owner Supplied”.    There will be fencing around the Aux. Well, Pump House and the Infiltration Gallery.

WATER RIGHTS:   No update at this time.

Marsha reviewed the report on delinquent accounts and all agreed that it is time to take to task the two delinquent accounts that have Liens filed on them.  Marsha will get with Bud Smith to discuss legal action.

A motion was made, moved and passed approving the Payables for the month of August  as reviewed with the exception of Bond’s Construction until an explanation is received on where and what this is on for the $1399.

Jack stated that the work is about 98% finished with the Source Water Assessments.  The form for Re-imbursement needs to be completed on time by Jack and Robert and then sent in.

Marsha, Cynthia Stengel and Tony Rocha will be working on the application for DOLA Grant money to do some improvements to the Distribution system.  The application will be for TIER 1 ($200,000 or less) money and needs to be submitted by December 3rd.  Decisions will be made in February with funding available in April.

The pump parts have been received for rebuilding the aerators at the pond.  He presented an invoice for reimbursement in the amount of $112.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7;30 PM.