Metro – July 11, 2018

REGULAR MEETING – July 11, 2018

 The El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District held their regular monthly meeting on July 11, 2018 at 6:00 PM.   The following Board members attended the meeting:

Steve Swisher – President
Robin Boucher – Vice President
David Shipps – Treasurer
Jim Belcher – Secretary
Ken Charles – Director

Also, present for the meeting were:  Jeff & Jennifer Wester – 160 Brice Place, Nick & Louise VanVonno – 127 Sundance Circle and Bruce Roberts – 451 Pioneer Circle, residents of the District.  Robert Ludwig and Tom Riley – Water Operators; Rex Emenegger – grader operator and Marsha Moreland – administrator were also present.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM.


The June 6, 2018 minutes were approved.


  • Jeff & Jennifer Wester – Jeff introduced himself & Jennifer to those present. He explained his concern over the way the Mag Chloride/Lignum Sulfate application was completed on the roads.  Jeff had called Desert Mountain and asked for a solution of .50 to be sprayed in his cul-de-sac on Brice Place.  He spoke with Robin Boucher, Vice President of District, and was told that he (Jeff) would have to pay the District, not Desert Mountain for the application on Brice Place.  Jeff did write a check to the District for $1,409.26, the amount Desert Mountain told him it would cost.  The application to Brice Place was not on the schedule for spraying this year and was added by Wester and Robin.  The District applies the solution to the main thorough fares each year and other roadways based on a ‘priority’ basis.

The roadways were graded and watered by Rex Emenegger prior to Desert Mountain arriving; however, Desert Mountain came later than their ‘agreed’ upon arrival time. Brice Place had dried out between being watered and sprayed with the solution.  Jeff is claiming that his cul-de-sac did not get the full amount of solution that he paid for from Desert Mountain, and that his road had dried prior to the application.   He also accused Rex of ‘stealing’ it and had it applied to Sundance Circle, Rex’s road.  Jeff stopped payment on the check he wrote to the District the following day.  Jeff did express his concern with Steve Swisher, President of District, with regard to Rex, but as Steve stated his decision was irrespective of the situation that occurred.  He told Jeff it would be discussed at the July 11th   board meeting.  Wester is asking for Rex’s termination with the District and questions whether the Board is doing their Fiduciary Duty with the District.

Jeff informed the Board that he is having a meeting with Dalton of Desert Mountain at his house next week on what happened with the job application and invited Board members to attend if they would like.  Steve said either he or Robin would be there and to just call with when and what time the meeting is taking place.

  • Bruce Roberts – He agrees with Wester the the application of mag to Brice Place was not done properly. Bruce also expressed his concern over ‘clean up’ of areas where work by the District is being done.  Specifically Bruce referenced when the District trimmed trees last year in the subdivision. Steve agreed the District could do a better job in that department and would speak with those involved.


  • Nick & Louise Van Vonno – Asked for ‘where’ on the billing it states their water usage. Is the first 10,000 gallons used a ‘minimum restriction’ or a ‘minimum’ given monthly on water use.  They urged the Board to encourage residents to be prudent in their watering. Robert Ludwig, Water Operator in charge, explained how the water system works, the Mesa aquifer, the District’s infiltration gallery, treatment   and availability of water for ERF.  The District is producing 70 gpm.  They asked if the District has ‘historical ‘data and if users should be cutting back on their consumption.  Are their ‘checks and balances’ the District follows.  Robert gave them a summation of the monthly water report.

They too are concerned about inferior ‘clean up’ of work areas throughout the subdivision by the District.  The intersection of CR 510 and Cassidy Drive is of particular concern to them.  There is a deep hole on one side that can cause damage to a vehicle if it turns into it.  It was clarified by the Board that that is within the La Plata County’s ROW and is not the District’s responsibility.

A question came up by the Van Vonnos about weed spraying along the District s roadways.  The Board explained that the District does have a ‘weed control’ program that they have been doing for 25 plus years in order to combat noxious weeds in the subdivision.  There is also a County ordinance that property owners are to spay for noxious weeds or dig them out annually.  If the County comes thru the subdivision they can take action against the District for not controlling noxious weeks as well as any individual homeowners who do not attempt to control the noxious weeds on their property.  The District does try to be careful with over spray on individuals property, but the ROW is to be sprayed in its entirety.

The guests dismissed themselves so that the Board could go on with their business.  Steve informed them they are welcome to stay if they would like.

Robert Ludwig stated that 1.5 million gallons was produced last month with 1.464 being sold to residents.  The Consumer Confidence Report was completed and sent out to the residents by the State’s deadline for giving proper notice.  He also discussed the DRAFT of a ‘Restriction Notice’ to be mailed out to the residents on their water use and to be conservative.  The Board gave approval for the notice to be sent out by Marsha ASAP.

The Goff Engineering Report includes work for 5 cul-de-sacs, all of Sundance Circle, Oxford Place and the LPAWD emergency hydrant to all be completed with the last phase of the Water System’s Improvement project.  Engineering costs to be roughly $22,500 for plan designs of the spring project bidding process.

Ken Charles reviewed with those present the grant application and additional information and help he needs from Robert, Tom and Marsha.  After completing the draft, Ken will need a Special meeting of the Board, Robert, Tom & Marsha to have them review it and then the Board make a motion to proceed.  It was agreed a Special meeting of the Board will be held at Steve Swisher’s house on Monday, July 16th at 6:00 pm.  Marsha will post notice on the website.

ADMINISTRATIVE:1.  Accounts Payable – After reviewing the Board gave approve for the submitted checks.
2.  Accounts Receivable – Report mailed out prior to the meeting.
3.  DOLA website was updated with Directors information, terms, etc.
4.  Emenegger’s meter readings were not correct and he wants an adjustment to his bill.  Marsha will address it.
5.  Updated Budget was given to the Board.
6.  Lyn & Sara Mortimer bought Tony Rocha’s vacant lot at 135 Ute Place and will be developing the lot within the coming months.  Tap fee and meter fees were collected in closing.
7.  Payroll procedures were discussed.  Rex is to submit his time to Marsha and she will send it to the Payroll Dept. just like she does with Robert Schmidt’s time.

1.  Maintenance Update – The second application was completed with the roads graded and watered before the application by Desert Mountain.  The contractor showed up later than the agreed upon time.  The Board discussed with Rex the job application, his decision to do apply extra solution to of Sundance Circle and the application at Brice Place and Jeff Westers concerns.

After discussing the job it was agreed that any future applications to the roads or any large road projects will be supervised by a contractor specifically hired to oversee the projects and applications of mag to the roads that it is done properly.

Steve opened discussion on the shared cost of the proposed building that the HOA has proposed to the Metro District Board.  The building is to be used for an office and meeting site for both boards.  Ken Charles expressed his concern about it being in the ‘flood plain’ at the site. and whether there would be insurance coverage.  Steve reviewed the fact that there are still too many ‘unknowns’ as to the responsibility of the HOA vs the District on ownership, utilities, maintenance, insurance, security of files, availability to residents for private use, etc.  After a brief discussion it was agreed by the Board that any decision by the Metro Board will be tabled.  It was agreed that there is too much the Board is trying to work out financially with the final phase of the water system improvements that any unbudgeted expense is not a consideration at this time.

1.  Jim Belcher stated the weed spraying is completed for this year.  Not as much chemical needed and the weeds are being controlled with the chemical.  He is pleased with the job.

2.  Gate Lock pads, two, at the common area by the pond have been ordered. Whoever rammed the gate to access the area moved the post and damaged their vehicle in doing so. Rex asked for Marsha to verify that the gate is insured on the District’s policy.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:46 PM.

Jim Belcher, Secretary