REGULAR MEETING – May 11, 2015

The El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District held their regular monthly meeting on May 11, 2015 at 6:00 PM.   The regular meeting was attended by the following Board members:

Steve Swisher – President

Jack Wasserbach – Vice President

Robin Boucher – Secretary

David Shipps – Treasurer

Gary Skiba – Director

Also, present for the meeting were: Nicole Fox and Daniel Wilson – Homeowners,  Robert Ludwig – Water Operator, Rex Emenegger – Grader Operator and Marsha Moreland – Administrator.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM.



A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the Minutes of April 1, 2015 regular meeting.


  • Nicole Fox – Robert was not available to state how Fox/Wilson property would be impacted by the Distribution Improvements project.  Their requests to the Board are:

a)        Planting of trees along the N side and reseeded when existing grass & foliage is removed;

b)      The Ute fence needs to be moved 20” to the N;

c)       Erosion control is a concern and would like retaining walls where the gully is;

d)      They want the juniper wood that is cut down;

e)       They want fruit trees and raspberry bushes and irrigation lines to the new plantings.

The Board is not prepared to make a decision until the situation is discussed more with Robert, the contractor, the Ute’s and with each other.  The homeowners did not give notice that they would be coming to the meeting to discuss their concerns with the Board.  As soon as a decision is made, the homeowner will be notified.  The Board thanked Nicole and Daniel for attending the meeting.


  • Distribution Improvements Project –Since Robert was unavailable for the meeting he had prepared a written report to be read aloud at the meeting and discussed.  (See attached)  The Change Order would allow the District to complete the River Front and Pioneer Circle area.  There are rocks and a lot of dirt that needs to be moved somewhere.  Rex pointed out that the valves in the road need to be collared because they will be clipped right off by the grader/snow plow.  It needs to be discussed with Robert and Louie.  Rex also feels the fire hydrants need to have extensions on them so that in the winter they are visible.  Rip rap needs to be placed where they have removed it at John Krispin’s.  It involves about 80 yards of rip rap.  No complaints received from the residents.  Lines are being flushed and disinfected as they go.


  1. The Board made, moved and seconded a motion to approve the Accounts Payable.  Marsha will check with Robert as to what Brooks Well Service did that the District has a bill and also Williams Construction check until Robert reviews the bill.
  2. Accounts Receivable – Marsha reviewed the delinquent accounts with the Board.
  3. Budget Comparison/Reconciliations – Marsha reviewed the Budget comparison with the Board.
  4. Excess water charges on Emenegger and Scherer are to be waived due to the meters not being read in winter months and leaks.


ROADS: (Rex’s road report is attached)

  • The Tyner Ditch needs cleaning still and Robin will speak with Bricker about it.
  • Marsha Stephan’s 24” culvert was cleaned with Edgemont’s equipment.  They used about 800 gallons from the fire hydrant to flush the culvert.  They charge $180/hr. and worked about 4-5 hours.  The culvert at 511 Ranchos Florida (Kathy Austin’s) still needs cleaning and also Carlson’s across the road needs cleaning.
  • Prairie Dogs – This is the time they are out having pups.  Two solutions to control:  Gassing them or poisoning them.  Gary Skiba offered to do a survey prior to gassing the rodents.   He suggested doing the survey over by Robin’s lot and along the roadway.  David will contact exterminators of prairie dogs for costs and applications.  The culvert at Brice Place needs to be cleaned by BP.
  • BP Amoco – Gary will follow up with BP on uncompleted work. Marsha will send him a listing of the areas of concern.



  • Prairie Dogs – David reviewed the pricing he received from Hawkeye, Absolute and Hodiak.  The Board agreed to have Hodiak do the extermination of PDs.  There is $1,000 budgeted so Rex and David will meet with Hodiak on where to treat.  Rex will make some calls to homeowners that have holes on their property.
  • Use of Pond – Beach Calendar – The Board feels that if Teri Roberts wants to do a calendar on the website then that is fine with them.
  • Weed Spraying – There is to be NO spraying of weeds at the pond.  Spaying willows along the entrance road is fine.  Rex will get with Horizon Weed Control.  There is $2,500 in the budget.  Rex says it would cost $126/hr. for 1 ac.  The area of concern for Ken Charles, N of the dam 4-5 acres, would cost approx. $800.  The willows by the pond need to be cleared out at the bank.  Rex will supervise the weed spraying areas.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.

Robin Boucher, Secretary