Interoffice memorandum

Author’s Name:           Tony Rocha, Sec.

Date:                               MAY 4, 2011; 6p.m.


To:                                 Steve Swisher, Pres.

Subject:                       Minutes

  • Board officers present:  S. Swisher, J. Wasserbach, R. Boucher, D. Shipps,  T. Rocha
  • Road Report by Steve
  • Yearly maintenance to begin about 5/09/2011 without the addition of magnesium chloride or gravel
  • Approximate cost = $9400 with a separate bid for work on main roads and side streets;
  • Lance, with Bonds construction, concurred that only grading, watering, and compaction was necessary
  • Steve will contact Rex Emmeneger concerning the start of summer road maintenance and the water truck operation.
  • Jack has volunteered to head a committee to monitor and/or direct construction of the pump house and ancillary upgrades;
  • We will contact the engineering group to proceed without delay on the design of the pump house upgrades
  • The design will be such that we can accommodate filtration, if required at a later date.
  • The Metro Board will contest the suggestion by the State of Colorado that our water collection system may be under the influence of ground water
  • Robin will speak with Rick Johnson about upgrades, design, and construction of the pump house and water delivery system.
  • Steve will contact Amy [attorney] regarding the water rights issues associated with water system upgrades.
  • Jack reported on recent regulations for the use of backflow prevention units:
  • The subdivision must initiate a survey of households in the subdivision to assess the need for backflow prevention.
  • We need to document compliance by households within the subdivision
  • We must present a plan for correction / compliance.