Metro May 4, 2016




The El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District held their regular monthly meeting on May 4, 2016 at 6:00 PM.   The following Board members attended the meeting:

Steve Swisher – President
Robin Boucher – Secretary
David Shipps – Treasurer
Jim Belcher- Director
Michael Arries – Director

Also, present for the meeting were: Robert Ludwig – Water Operator, Rex Emenegger – Grader Operator and Marsha Moreland – Administrator.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the Minutes of April 6, 2015 regular meeting as submitted with the clarification that it was not yet decided to have Horizon Environmental do the weed spraying in the subdivision.


The La Plata Archuleta Water District (LPAWD) had sent out a notice that they would be running a main line down CR 510 and that a fire hydrant would be positioned near the District.  Robert stated that the District could have use of the hydrant for emergency situations as well as the LPAWD having use of one of the District’s,  if ever a situation occurred that might warrant such a need.  Construction on their line will begin in early June.

The new 7.5 HP pump is in and has a 5 year warranty period.  The system is running great and all the meters were read at the end of April.  Very few adjustments were done as the estimates were within the ranges estimated.

Robert and Steve will meet with Ryan of Goff Engineering to walk the roads to further gather information for getting cost estimates and bids from contractors for the road repair/improvement project.  They will meet on May 5th.  Bruce Honisch and Robert have been working on the logistics of just how the Davis-Bacon wages will be applied to the different aspects of the road repairs due to impacts of the water line distribution improvements project last summer and fall.  From Trautner Geotech’s report there will be very few road bores needed and David Trautner recommended that the gravel in the road ditches should not be used because of the amount of clay in the gravel.


  1. Accounts Payable – Payables were reviewed by the Board and signed. Marsha will get a check for Trautner Geotech signed before the end of the month.
  2. Accounts Receivable – The A/R Listing was e-mail out to the Board prior to the meeting so very little discussion was needed at the meeting. May 15 is the foreclosure date on Dahlstrom.
  3. New Directors Oaths – The Oaths were read aloud by Steve Swisher, Robin Boucher, and Michael Arries who were elected on May 3rd. Jim Belcher was appointed by the Board to complete the term of Jack Wasserbach (May 2018) since there were not enough nominations to fill all positions open.  Marsha will post on the DOLA website the elected and appointed officials to the Board along with their Bond.
  4. Appointment of Officers – A motion was made, moved and passed to appoint Steve Swisher as President, Robin Boucher as Vice President, David Shipps as Treasurer, Michael Arries as Secretary and Jim Belcher as the 5th.


Rex reported that the roads were graded twice during April..  The Board thanked Rex for the good job he is doing for the District.

  • The pond gate combo has been changed..
  • The street sign at CR 222 entrance has been fixed. The County may provide traffic signs and street signs for the district roads. Rex will check with the Road & Bridge Department as to their policy.
  • Rex has contacted Hodiak Wildlife Solutions regarding prairie dog control on Sundance Circle and in the Sundance common area. Minimal cost is expected this year….
  • Rex was authorized to apply road base to Biessenberger’ s drive and the grader site. The Board agreed to stock piling road base in four locations for use in smaller repair projects. He was also authorized to begin the repairs of the driveways that were damaged from the water line installation project.
  • Rex reported that there is sufficient crown and banking to the roads. Normal crown is 4 percent on a 20’ width.  The bar ditches and the drainage are in excellent shape and also should not be part of the road project.   Steve reported that the road project should begin in early July.  There is still a considerable amount of information to be gathered  before the project begins the bid process.
  • Weeds Control – The estimated equipment rental cost for cutting the small tree/willow growth that is interfering with the proper herbicide application to the 3 subdivision common areas is $1400 for two day rental. A motion was made, moved and passed to have Rex and Ashburn Construction do the willow/brush cutting and the weed spraying.
  • Equipment Repairs – The grade and water truck are being maintained and repaired. Fluids, belts, relay, starter, cylinder leak, and clutch are being addressed.  Lin Parks, Advantage Repair reports that the equipment will last the district for many years with continual routine maintenance and repair.


Steve asked for discussion on ‘who’ the District should vote for in the LPEA district election for Board members.  A motion was made, moved and passed to have Steve vote the ballot on behalf of the District as agreed upon by the Board.

There being no further discussion the meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.


Michael Arries, Secretary