November 13, 2018



A Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors for the El Rancho Florida HOA, Inc. was held on November 13, 2018 at 6:00 PM at 280 Sundance Circle. Present for the meeting were:

Rex Emenegger – President
Eric Sibelius – Vice President
Pete Dietrich – Treasurer
Paul Valdez- Director


The minutes of October 9, 2018 were approved.


  1. Accounts Receivable total $2,417.89. (Ditch Receivables – $1,457.89 and Annual Fees – $960.00).
  2. Accounts Payable total $2,045.67. Rex will arrange for their payment as Marsha was not in attendance.  The December Board meeting is cancelled and the payables for December will also be addressed by Rex.
  3. Maintaining the portable toilet service on a 12 month basis was approved.
  4. The 2018-19 budget was discussed:  (a) The Common Area Maintenance items will be changed to an “Annual Contribution to the Metro District” of $ 4656.00 for common area utility costs.  That number will reflect the 12 month portable toilet service. (b)  The administration payroll will change to a “Contract Labor” category thereby eliminating the Payroll Dept Fees and Payroll Taxes   (c)  An expense category will be added for “Digitizing the HOA Records in the amount of $ 2,000.00 (d)  The annual dues will remain at $ 120.00 and the annual irrigation/ditch fees will remain the same as 2018.
  5. The digitizing of the HOA records will be completed by March 30, 2019
  6. The “garbage camera” was stolen and will not be replaced



  1. For Sale:

Clark/Judd – 700 Pioneer Circle
Core/White – 60 Oxford Place  (?)
Colin McBeath – 230 Sundance Circle
Suzanne Carlson – 120 Sundance Circle
Lyn Boyer – 692 Sundance Circle
Sandra & Bill Mitchell – 926 Sundance Circle
Schulthesis – 563 Ranchos Florida Drive
Jameson-Valdez – 50 Ridge Place
Clevland – 21 Valley Trail

  1. Irrigation:
  • A total of 1500 pounds of bentonite and 1500 pounds of clay were added to the ditch above Gan’s this summer. Two 22’ sections of 24” galvanized pipe are available for purchase from Ashburn Construction for $150.  The purchase of the pipe was tabled.  In that, (a) Gans does not wish to participate in the cost of any repair efforts, (b) the Pioneer Ditch Company does not view the leak as a problem and (c) the HOA has spent sufficient monies in attempting to repair the leak, further action is tabled.
  • A meeting was held with the Lateral ‘C’ users on October 28 regarding the delivery of water to all downstream users. The most cost effective method is to install a 3”–4” overflow pipe with a ball valve in the retention dam on Davis’s property (90 Florida Place). The pipe would be installed approximately 2’–3’ above the bottom elevation of  the pond.  After the exhaustion of the adjudicated water, the valve could be closed to allow the accumulation of project water subject to any call by the one downstream user.  Trent Webber (552 Ranchos Florida) may donate the backhoe for the installation of the pipe and for the cleaning of the lateral below the dam.  Bob Schmidt has a pipe available for purchase.
  • Rex met with Tom Fiddler, Water Commissioner who clarified State Water Law regarding the illegality of impeding water flow to downstream users, and to State Law regarding deeded and prescriptive easements for access to all ditches and laterals. The oversized pond at 90 Florida Place should not interfere with the timely delivery of adjudicated or project water to any downstream users.
  • Eric will prepare a list of issues to discuss with the water attorney, David Liberman. Of special concern is the delivery of water by the Pioneer Ditch Company to the users in El
    Rancho Florida.
  1. David Latham’s Property Access request. Tracy Cross, attorney advised that sending a letter to Latham objecting to his request is in order. The objection letter was sent to Latham with copies to La Plata County and the Metro District.  Based on the County Building Department recommendation and Tracy Cross’s concurrence, the Metro District will be urged to construct a fence along the proposed access off of Sundance Circle which legally cannot be breached by a third party.
  2. The Metro District has budgeted $1500 for stocking the pond with fish in 2019. A discussion followed on the types of fish to be stocked and on the merits of ‘‘catch and release’. It was agreed that 2–3 “grass eating carp” should be included in the stocking.
  3. An alleged “Dog Kennel Operation” at 91 Pioneer Place was discussed. No official complaints have been received. A letter will be send to the owner (Furnace) and the tenant  (Nunes & Ezell) regarding the HOA’s concerns about such an operation being considered a  possible nuisance under Rule # 2.   A new Rule will be drafted prohibiting the business operation of an outdoor kennel that boards and breeds animals.
  4. A request by Lyn Boyer, 692 Sundance Circle was approved to permit the filming of the TV show “House Hunters” on her property.
  5. The Annual Meeting date will be February 12, 2019. Agenda items will also include: (a) Tom Fiddler, Water Commissioner, (b)  the bi-Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale, (c) the Annual HOA picnic,  (d) welcome to El Rancho Florida entrance signs, and (e) Internet Service in the subdivision.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Wendy Ludgewait, Secretary