The El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District Board of Directors held their regular monthly meeting on August 3, 2011, at 6:00 PM at 755 E. Second Avenue, Suite 2A, Durango, Colorado. Board members present were:

Steve Swisher – President

Jack Wasserbach – Vice President

Tony Rocha – Secretary

David Ships – Treasurer

Robin Boucher – Director

Also present at the meeting were Ray Smith, Water Operator and Marsha Moreland – Administrator to the Board. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by the President.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the minutes of June 1, 2011 and July 6, 2011.


Ray Smith, Water Operator, had no report on water produced vs. water sold. He stated that the report would be forthcoming and that he will be doing the annual monitoring tests next week on water quality.

He will be putting in a new meter at Art McMullen’s residence and one other this month. There appears to be a lot of water sheeting across the road at Podlesnik’s lot in a 6″ main, possibly. Ray will be checking it out.


  1. STATE INSPECTION OF WATER SYSTEM – Jocelyn Mullen, State Inspector, inspected the pumping facility, infiltration gallery, emergency well and auxiliary well of the District and informed Steve, Jack and Ray that the system will be re-classified as a ‘ground water system under the influence of surface water’. That being the case the District will need to upgrade their treatment, testing, and operations on a daily basis for chlorine residual. The Board needs to respond to the State before August 6, on an ‘Interim Plan’ for the issues raised by the State Inspection that will inform them as to how the District will operate prior to completing the new pump house. She reviewed with them the options for an 18 month compliance requirement.

The Interim Plan will include: Testing on a daily basis for Chlorine residuals as defined by the State, upgrade to the treatment system’s filtration and chlorination system to comply with a surface water system with an 18 month compliance restriction.

The Board will consider doing ultra violet disinfection as an interim measure and the BOD will request a PER for treatment and what recommendations are as to the type of treatment needed. Jack will be getting with La Plata Electric for discussions on what is involved to bring 3 Phase power to the new pump house location on the east side of the river. The District will also be testing for turbidity. There is consideration of putting the new pump house on the east side of the bridge due to costs involved to bring a main water line under the bridge.

SOUTHWESTERN WILLOW FLYCATCHER SURVEY: Jack presented the topographic map with a summary of the 2011 Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Survey completed by SME Environmental. The survey concluded that there is no impact to the District. Brief discussion followed.

CROSS CONNECTION POLICY: Work on the policy has been tabled for a couple of months.

WATER RIGHTS: Nothing new to report at this time.

SOURCE WATER PROTECTION PLAN: Jack will be working on a survey from Edgemont Ranch to El Rancho Florida Subdivision on possible sources of contamination for the District. There is a meeting and deadline for the survey of September 21, 2011.

TESTING EQUIPMENT: A motion was made, moved and passed to allow Ray and Jack to purchase a turbidimeter and the necessary testing equipment needed to do monthly water tests.


  • ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE – Only a couple of individuals will receive a Shut-Off notice this month. A request for e-mail addresses will be put on the billings. Hopefully many will respond so that notices of water outages, repairs, etc. can be e-mailed to most of the residents.
  • DEBT SERVICE ACCOUNT – A motion was made, moved and passed to open an account to deposit the property tax revenue received for debt payment. The account will be opened with $100. Marsha presented the signature cards for signing. Two signatures of the BOD will be required for checks.
  • BUDGET AMENDMENT – Marsha discussed with the Board the possible need to amend the 2011 Budget. Not sure yet if there will be expenses on the new system improvements and water treatment. The discussion will be tabled until next month.
  • BUDGET OFFICER – A motion was made, moved and passed to appoint Marsha Moreland as the District’s Budget Officer for the 2012 Budget process. Brief discussion on items that will need an increase in the budget for 2011 and 2012.Operations – To be determined on labor costs.
  • Chemical Costs to treat more often. (fig. 10 times current budget)
  • Testing Costs and equipment to test. (fig. 10 times current budget, at least) Turbidimeter needed.
  • Electirc costs – triple the current budget.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the payables submitted for signing. (See attached)


  • The District will get a bid from Premier Weeds next spring as they are not seeing the results needed from Pride as they have in the past. The Board will be more specific in the written work order for services on outlining the areas needed. Next Spring the bills should show a ‘request’ from the BOD to the residents on who doesn’t want weeds sprayed in front of their lot.
  • WATER TRUCK – David Shipps requested a report on the expenses for repairs from purchase date to present on the water truck. Marsha gave a report to the BOD on the costs involved since the purchase of the water truck. It was agreed that Robin should contact someone he knows to inspect the water truck and give an assessment of the condition it is in for $100.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

_____________________, Secretary