The El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District [ERFM] was created to monitor, maintain, and develop the potable water supply and roadways relevant to the residents of the El Rancho Florida subdivision.

Maintenance of the roadways shall include: removal of snow during the winter season; grading, dust control, and improvement during the warm months of the year.

Maintenance and improvement of the water supply shall proceed in phases coincident with funding.

El Rancho Florida Subdivision is located in La Plata County, Colorado. The subdivision lies in the arid foothills of the La Plata Mountains, approximately 15 miles southeast of Durango and 8 miles west of Bayfield. The county is one of Colorado’s great recreational areas on the perimeter of a natural resource locale.

The El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District [ERFM] , formed in 1986, is authorized to provide central water service, road maintenance, and recreation to the El Rancho Florida Subdivision, Units I and II. A five member Board of Directors is elected by the registered voters within the boundaries of ERFM. The Board governs the District with the support of an Administrative Staff. The District serves 129 households with a population of approximately 465 people. There are four undeveloped lots within the ERFM.

A natural spring and an infiltration system lie within a nine acre tract that belongs to the ERFM. Two water storage tanks serve the District with a total storage capacity of approximately 220,000 gallons. The stored capacity can adequately provide potable water and assist in fire suppression for the 133 platted lots in the Subdivision. Each household in the District is metered and served by approximately 29,000 linear feet of water line. A second well was completed in 2007 as a supplemental source of water.

An Energy and Mineral Impact Grant was awarded in March of 2009 to fund the construction of a second storage tank. The total cost of the project was slightly less than $227,500 and was completed in July 2009.

Planned improvements to the District water system will be coincident with funding. The voters of the District approved and authorized the issuance of a general obligation debt not to exceed $2,000,000 for water system improvements. A Water System Study is in early stages. System controls and meter upgrades will start at the end of 2009. Currently, the District does not have a mill levy assessed for bonded indebtedness. Colorado State Lottery Funds are received for improvements to 27 acres of common / recreation areas within ERFM. Approximately 15 acres of the common / rec areas bank the Florida River.

Roads are maintained by District owned equipment. The District receives Highway Users Funds from the LaPlata County to help maintain the roads. Approximately $10,000 is received annually and is dedicated to roads for public use. A steel-girder bridge located at the subdivision entrance is on the State Historical Register and is maintained by the District. The bridge deck and concrete approaches were refurbished in the summer of 2009.

The El Rancho Florida Subdivision lies within the 9R school system. Students can catch a school bus within District boundaries. Local public schools are: Florida Mesa Elementary, Escalante Junior High and Durango High School. Higher education is available at Fort Lewis College and Pueblo Community College in Durango.