Regular Meeting – April 9, 2013

The regular meeting of the Board was held on April 9, 2013 at the 280 Sundance Circle at 6:00 PM. Present for the meeting were the following Board Members:
Jack Wasserbach – President
Rex Emenegger – Vice President
Kate Pickford – Secretary
Pete Diethrich – Treasurer

Also present for the meeting was Marsha Moreland, Executive Secretary to the Board. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM. Teri Roberts was out of town.

A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the minutes of March 12, 2013 – Regular meeting as submitted.

Ditch Report:
Rex reported that he had the contract reviewed and there does not appear to be a problem with it the way it is written.

A motion was made, move and passed to sign the contract with Mike Shumway, Ditch Walker for the 2013 season at $3,000.

Billing Messages:

  • Reflective letter/numbers for address identification from the County Building Dept.
  • Water will be in the Ditch May 1st – tentatively.
  • Clean your ditch of debris (Laterals)
  • Construction to the lot needs to be reviewed by the BOD prior to beginning. Allow for 2-3 days for review.

Accounts Receivables:
Marsha reported that it appears the Ferraro and Cutter’s lots closed. The Association has begun foreclosure proceedings on Dahlstrom for non-payment. Lots now for sale are Wendy Miller, Heather Snow, Connie Eckerman, Jeff Reynolds and Hosford.

Old Business:

  • Covenants – After a lengthy discussion it was agreed by those present that there is no need to consider amending the covenants with regard to `horses’ and the number allowed. There was discussion, however, on the consideration of a `non-transferrable’ variance with regard to the 3 acre limitation. There are two property owners who have just shy of 3 acres in order to have an additional horse. Kathy Austin is short by .097 ac and Jody Gans is .061 ac short. With this variance they will be allowed 3 horses on their lot. The following motion was made:
  • A motion was made, moved and passed to grant a `non-transferrable’ variance to Austin and Gans allowing them 3 horses on each of their lots. It will not transfer if the lot is sold or rented.
  • Kim Zook (Jones) Lot: Kim has more than 3 horses on her lot. Jack stated that he would go and speak with Kim regarding the extra horse and the removal thereof.
  • Jeff and Jennifer Wester’s e-mail complaint. After a lengthy discussion the Board agreed a letter will be sent to the Westers welcoming them into the subdivision and Kate Pickford, Secretary, will respond to the e-mail on be-half of the Board of Directors.

New Business:

  • Review of the Articles of Incorporation of the Association: The BOD will review and consider updating the Articles in the upcoming meetings to bring them more in line with 2013 levels.
  • Picnic Table: It was agreed that the Association will reimburse Jack Wasserbach for the purchase of a picnic table for down at the pond. The amount to reimburse is $350 which includes an `anchored’ installation.
  • Pickford’s Suggestions:
  1. Put metal roofing on the old canopy over the picnic table closest to the pump house. It currently has asphalt shingles.
  2. Barb Fisher has complained about flood lights being a distraction near her lot.

Metropolitan District Updates: (Jack Wasserbach)
The new pump house is finished with the exception of a few minor things to be done yet. Robert Ludwig, Operator, is working out the glitches in the programing at this time. Robert says it will take about 4 months to fine tune the computer.

There are bids being obtained to do road repairs this season. The Board is also looking into a new application for on the roads. However, the costs may be prohibitive.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Kate Pickford, Secretary