June 11, 2019

June 11, 2019

A Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors for the El Rancho Florida HOA, Inc. was held on June 11, 2019 at 6:00 PM at 280 Sundance Circle. Present for the meeting were:

Rex Emenegger – President
Eric Sibelius – Vice President
Wendy Ludgewait – Secretary


Marsha Moreland was also in attendance.


The minutes of May 14, 2019, – Regular meeting was approved



  1. Accounts Receivable – $10,812.78 (Dues = $6240; Ditch = $2253 and Lat.’D’ = $2319.78)
  2. Accounts Payable – $1,000
  3. Report on digitization – Nothing to report.
  4. Yard Sale – Low participation by residents of HOA but a lot of people came to the subdivision looking for yard sales.
  5. AlignTec Internet – Metro District is waiting for AlignTec to send a DRAFT of agreement.



  1. New Owners: Garett & Haley Roop at 537 Cassidy Drive
  2. For Sale: Carlson – 120 Sundance Circle
    Mitchell – 926 Sundance Circle
    Winch –v968 Ranchos Florida Drive
    Grubis – 94 Pioneer Place
    Lovett – 60 Oxford Place
  1. Complaints:
  • Grubis’s complaint about a ‘kennel’ operation at 91 Pioneer Place was responded to by the Board. A letter was sent to Furnas and their tenants, Sherry Nunes & Curtis Ezell  with a copy of the letter sent to Grubis.
  • Longwell’s complaint about a motocross track at 251 Pioneer Circle (Perkins) and its associated noise and about the accumulation of non functional unlicensed vehicles on various properties within the subdivision. The HOA responded to the Longwell complaint and will respond with a letter asking the Perkins to be considerate of their neighbors regarding the noise and dust. The letter will suggest not using the track after 5:00 PM and installing ‘low noise’ baffles on the bikes.



  1. Pioneer Ditch Company’s non-delivery of adjudicated water to El Rancho Florida HOA. The PDC is in the process of finding the problem areas in the ditch and fixing them.  There was a bad section of the ditch on CR 225 that was backed up bad and is currently fixed.
  2. Eric Sibelius has concerns about the area of the ditch worked on by the HOA this spring at 40 Florida Place. The owner’s stated they HAD cleaned their section of the ditch but did not receive the $50 credit by the HOA.  It was agreed to have Marsha give the credit to the property owners.
  3. Lateral ‘B’ needs annual cleaning. A bypass needs to be added to the pond at Fadels ( 270 Pioneer Circle).  Eric has spoken with Ron about reducing its size and repairing any leaks.
  4. The pond at 761 Cassidy Drive has vertical sides and could be difficult to get out of if someone fell in it. The pond at 687 also has vertical sides and is 12’ deep.  This could be a problem with many ponds.
  5. Topics for Attorney General from the HOA: Rex received information on who to call for more information on filing a ‘Civil’ suit.  HOA will be reviewing the Colorado Revised Statues and the PDC’s Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws.
  6. Revised description of the Ditch Superintendent:
  • Budget for additional maintenance help.
  • Amend the Agreement and budget for 2020.

7.  Marsha is to check the HOA insurance to be sure the HOA is covered doing work on laterals  and the ditch.  Does there need to be a rider added to the policy.
8.  LATERAL ‘D’ Costs – the addition of Lateral ’D’ came in at $ 450 over the original estimate.
9.  ‘Qualified’ Contractors – Eric Sibelius wants to be sure that contractors working for the HOA are insured contractors and bill their time hourly, not a ‘flat’ daily rate.  Invoices must be detailed with hours worked on what equipment.  Equipment hourly rates need to be listed on Invoices.
10.  There is a product called ‘Dam It’.  It is a Polymer seal used to seal ponds by sprinkling on top of the water.  It then settles and seals the leak.   Sometimes a 2nd application is needed.  It may be utilized in the ditches and laterals.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Wendy Ludgewait, Secretary