Metro – February 1, 2017


 The El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District held their regular monthly meeting on February 1, 2017 at 6:00 PM.   The following Board members attended the meeting:

Steve Swisher – President
Robin Boucher – Vice President
David Shipps – Treasurer
Jim Belcher- Director

Also, present for the meeting were: Robert Ludwig & Tom Riley – Water Operators, Rex Emenegger – grader operator and Marsha Moreland – Administrator.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the minutes of January 4, 2017 regular meeting.


  1. Robert Ludwig reported that a violation occurred for October, November & December on the samples taken and sent into the Colorado Department of Health on the total chloroform count.  There was no ecolli but the new forms for testing changed during the testing process. It is just a matter of getting used to the new forms.
  2. The water loss report for January had indicated a large amount of water loss. There was 3,350,814 gallons produced and 387,000 sold. The difference is what is in the tank and lines and what was leaking.  In January there was a leak on the 27th and there is a hydrant that is suspected of leaking.  Robert will take a look at the hydrant again as there is standing water around it.  The loss amounts to 218 gal/day/tap.
  3. Nichole Fox complained about a fish die off due to the algae bloom that is occurring at the pond. Her kids were swimming in the pond the 2nd week in January and noticed the dead fish.  There is nothing wrong with the water in the pond but in mid-January there was nitrate loading due to the algae bloom.  This is a normal, natural occurrence for ponds.  There is concern that children are swimming in the pond in January when it is so cold.  Hypothermia is a concern more than the algae bloom.
  4. Robert said that the subdivision is on the list first with Bonds Construction for March or early April for the road work.
  5. Public Private funding partnerships will be a problem in the coming years replacing grant money from the state. This will slow down many projects with the City and throughout the county.  El Rancho was great on their timing with their projects because availability of money is just not readily available for a while.  The Rockefeller Groups are loaning money but with strings attached and they are at a higher interest rate than 5%.
  6. La Plata Archuleta Water District will be at the March 1st meeting to discuss a ‘water agreement’ between the two districts.
  7. South Ute Tribe wants to set their own water standard and become their own EPA. Robert will be meeting with Amy Huff tomorrow to file an objection on the Tribe’s plan and discuss what the other water systems in the area are doing.
  8. Amy Huff wants input from Steve and Robert on the water rights of the District. The Board and Robert will formulate what she needs to do.
  9. Lead and copper testing is required to be done every year now. Five homes are to be sampled, preferably the older homes.  Marsha will get a list of where those are.
  10. Smaller projects coming up:
  11. Oxford Place fire protection, small pump house, hydrants, and connection with La Plata Archuleta Water District.
  12. Cost share with homeowners on upgrading the service lines in the subdivision.


  1. Accounts Receivable report was reviewed.
  2. Accounts Payables were looked over by the Board and a motion was made and passed approving them.
  3. The 2017 Budget was filed and accepted by DOLA (Division of Local Government).
  4. The Transparency Notice was sent to the residents, DOLA and County Clerk.
  5. Certification of Compliance was filed with the IRS and State on employing immigrants.
  6. The ‘Agent’ form was filed with DOLA for filing liens.
  7. 1099’s were sent out to recipients and filed with the IRS and STATE.
  8. The Annual meeting of the HOA is February 14th at the Oxford Grange. Steve, Robin, Jim and Mike are planning on attending.  Items to discuss with the Homeowners would be: cost sharing the upgrade of the service lines in District; upcoming road work to be done, material to be put down and mag on the roads; and the recent water leaks and the looping of the system and how it affects water line repairs and residents.


Rex graded the roads twice last month and plowed snow 8 times.  The timer was recalibrated to take advantage of the Watt Watcher program.  Marsha reported that all the meters (3) are on the watt watcher program.  The grader site was not previously on the program.  The cutting edges on the grader need replacing.  Rex has ordered some.  The cul-de-sacs off of Sundance Circle and Cassidy Drive are in pretty bad shape along with Valley Trail/Valley Place and Oxford Place.  They will need some extra work in the spring.

There being no new business the meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.

Mike Arries, Secretary