A regular meeting of the Board of Directors for El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District was held on January 5, 2011, at 6:00 PM at 755 E. Second Avenue. Board members present were:

Steve Swisher – President
Jack Wasserbach – Vice President
Tony Rocha – Secretary
Robin Boucher

Also present for the meeting were Ray Smith – Water Operator and Marsha Moreland – Administrator. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the minutes of December 1, 2010 as written.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the payables as listed below. (See attached)


Ray stated that he would like to be involved with the use of consultants for the District’s water system improvements and Source Protection Plan. The templates for monitoring the system are due in April. Ray will complete those on time.

He would like to look at a ‘dry feed’ chlorination system for the new pump house (tablets used) instead of dropping chlorine bleach into the system as we do now. There would be better safety concerns for the Auxiliary well and the readings on the chlorine would be more consistent. If a new pump house is placed in service before the end of 2011 the chlorination feed will be addressed.

There were750,000 gallons produced in December with estimated use at 538,000 gallons giving a deviation of 2.9%. The CCRs are due to residents by July 1st.

If funding is received, the following will be needed for the agency:
Standard Operating Procedures
An Emergency Plan of the District
Jack and Ray will be working on these in the next 30-60 days.


  1. 2% interest is what the likely interest rate on funding will be thru Colorado Water & Power Authority.
  2. Amy Huff is working on the water rights filings to the water court. Steve will bet with Amy Huff for cost estimates on the additional work needed.       (See attached report)
  3. Drinking Water Monitoring Program
  4. Water System Emergency Plan
  5. Water System Master Plan – PER
  6. Standard Operating Procedures
  7. Water system record keeping – Water Operator, Ray
  8. Budget Projections – Accounting
  9. See time line for Rehabilitation Project

A motion was made, moved and passed to hire Souder Miller & Associaties to complete a 60A% set final design for the pump house, the design build bid documents and to include the Green Element Addendum items in their plans.

Jack and Steve will have a conference call to Souder Miller & Associates explaining what the District wants.


Eddy Balch has permission to obtain State records of ERFM for the Source Water Protection work he is doing for the District. The next source water protection meeting is January 19th at the airport.


Posting notices of day, time and place of meetings:
Marsha is waiting for a key from Rex Emenegger to post the meeting notices in the bulletin boards. Rex has been repairing them for the District.
Accounts Receivable – There are 3 accounts that the Intent to File a Lien on is being sent out and 6 accounts that are 60 days delinquent. These accounts total $7,227.75. Marsha is working with Tony Rocha on the District’s delinquent accounts.
Records & Storage: The District will enter into a lease with Henry Dudley for a small office space to store the District’s records, maps, files, etc. The BOD could also hold meetings there if necessary. Marsha will purchase a desk, chair and another file cabinet for files.
Contracts: Marsha would like to have the BOD review and approve/revise the contracts for Ray and her as soon as possible since the insurance company needs a copy for their policy.
Audit Exemption: Marsha will get with Frankie White of Clark White & Associates for an engagement letter of services for an Audit Exemption again this year. Cost is approximately $3,000.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the attached listing of accounts payable. To be included are the payables submitted at the meeting as well. (Amy Huff’s bill for $1,857.50)


A call was received from Jessie Brumley complimenting the District on the great job being done on the snow removal this winter. There have been a few complaints on the buildup at the end of the driveways more than once in the same day after lot owners have hand shoveled the snow away after the first plow thru. Some things are unavoidable with winter plowing and the District is not responsible for opening driveways. They feel Rex is doing a good job.


Marsha reported that the HOA is considering putting an electric gate at the pond area with an access code to enter the area at the pond by the pump house. The metro district board thinks it is a good idea but will not be applying any money to the project as there are more pressing issues for the water system to be considered by the BOD at this time. The HOA is welcomed to proceed with the approval of plans by the metro board prior to installation.

There  being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Tony Rocha,