Metro – July 5, 2017

REGULAR MEETING – July 5, 2017


The El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District held their regular monthly meeting on July 5, 2017 at 6:00 PM.   The following Board members attended the meeting:

Steve Swisher – President
Mike Arries – Secretary
David Shipps – Treasurer
Jim Belcher- Director

Also, present for the meeting were: Robert Ludwig & Tom Riley – water operators; Rex Emenegger – grader operator; Carol & Sonny Hale, Tom Biessenberger and Marsha Moreland – administrator.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM.



The June 7, 2017 minutes were approved.



Robert Ludwig, Operator in charge, reported the CCR for 2016 Water Quality was sent out to residents and filed with the Colorado Dept. of Water Resources.  Meters were read showing a 6% water loss between what was sold and what was produced.  The Eligibility Report was filed with Colorado Dept. of Water Resources.  He is planning on having the tank inspected in mid-July by divers from Farmington, NM.  Replacement meters are ordered and being delivered.  The meters will be installed/switch out this month of July.

Robert asked the Board to approve training for Tom Riley in Leadville this month.  The Board approved the classes for, travel time reimbursement, meals, lodging on per diam basis.  Tom will bring in his receipts at the next meeting and Marsha will process payment for reimbursement to Tom as approved.  Robert also asked to the Board to reduce his pay monthly by $250 and increase Tom’s pay by the $250 since Tom is the one doing most of the work these days.  Tom will read meters on the 23rd before he leaves for Leadville.

A motion was made, moved and passed approving an increase in Tom Riley’s monthly pay by $250 and reducing Robert Ludwig’s monthly pay by $250 effective August 1st.



BONDS CONST. will be out to repair the water line leak this week that was found by Robert, it was secondary to the large leak in the Pioneer Ditch that was flooding Hale’s property, house and septic system.  Biessenberger’s sewer system was also being compromised by the flooding waters that had overflowed the Pioneer Ditch.  Hale & Biessenberger are concerned about fecal contamination.

Liability Ruling, within municipalities, rules that municipalities are exempt from drainage issues/damages.  Special Districts with in the State are exempt as well.  The Board needs a legal opinion to clarify the District’s position and eminent domain.

A motion was made and passed that Steve will contact Bud Smith and meet with him and Robert on the ruling.

Rex Emenegger, President of the HOA, informed the Metro. Board that the HOA Attorney has sent a demand letter stating leakage and trespass of water over private property.  Tom Fiedler, Florida Water Conservancy, says the ongoing leak is s ‘waste’ of project water and that is not allowed.



Accounts Payable – The payables were reviewed and approved.

Accounts Receivable – Marsha reviewed the delinquent A/R with the Board.  There will be one shut off at 111 Valley Place.  Wells Fargo Bank is in arrears and another Lien may need to be filed.



Rex reviewed his road report that he emailed to the Board prior to the meeting.

  1. Traffic barrels are always being dumped over.  David Shipps feels the speed bumps are still a better option but there is maintenance.
  2. Ranchos Florida Drive doesn’t seem to holding up as well as the other areas that were sprayed with the mag solution. Will know more when it rains.
  3. On the fire hydrants, it will cost $1400 to do an extension versus a new hydrant at $2500.

A motion was made and passed for Rex to arrange to have the extensions done rather than putting in brand new hydrants.



Jim Belcher reported that  there are a lot of thistles in the pond area to the infiltration gallery  Jim with try to do the areas yet this summer.  The Board would like to have the area mowed around the pond with  mowing again in the spring of 2018.


The meeting adjourned at 7:15 with no further discussion.
Mike Arries, Secretary