The El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District held their regular monthly meeting on May 29, 2013. The meeting was attended by the following Board members:
Steve Swisher – President
David Ships – Treasurer
Robin Boucher

Also, present for the meeting were: Robert Ludwig – Water Operator and Marsha Moreland – Administrator. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM. Jack Wasserbach was out of the country and unable to make the meeting.

A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the Minutes of April 3, 2013 as written with a minor correction.

Robert reported that the filters in the pump house are quite clean so far and a new Acceptance Letter is forth coming from the State. The system is running great at 75 gpm which is up from 50 gpm. The pumps turn on at 22 ½ feet. A full tank is at 25’. Chlorine is at .9 when pumping 75 gpm.

  1. System Improvements: Robert and Jack are working on a 10 yr. improvements plan and reviewing fees, rates, pressure blow off valve, isolation valves, air checks and a new line from the pump house to the new tank, etc. The pump house is completely done now. The records and good and accurate. Within 3% of produced vs. sold. Still planning on doing 20 meters a year and looking at meter yokes as well. The ‘Summarization of the Project’ was read aloud by Robin from San Juan Engineering. (See attached report.) Robert stated that a ‘Completion Date’ needs to be identified with EFI to SJE, Rick Johnson, and a letter received. Board is considering an ‘Open House’ sometime in July, August. Marsha reminded Robert that the auxiliary well needs to be utilized each year. Robert said he would check into it. He was unaware.
  2. Pipeline: Cross Fire Construction’s Work: No one has complained yet.
  3. Source Water Protection Grant: Nothing new.


  1. Accounts Receivable: Marsha reviewed the A/R report with the Board.
  2. Accounts Payable: The payables were reviewed and a brief discussion on some of them occurred.
    A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the payables submitted.
  3. Director Position: The Board will discuss a replacement in upcoming meetings.


  1. Robin reported that the culvert in from of the pond needs work. Culvert replacement from Bonds is $3,950 and AJ Construction is $2,000. Marsha asked for proposals to be in writing so the Board can compare the two on paper and make a decision. Work details tabled until more information and a work session is done.
  2. Weed Spraying – Weeds were sprayed along the roadways. There will be a second spraying and the common areas need to be addressed.
  3. There followed a discussion on filling out an ‘Energy Impact Assistance’ grant application on the roads. Perhaps the district can get some help on the roads since the subdivision is impacted by Oil and Gas. Marsha mentioned a new process for gravel roads that is supposed to hold up better than concrete. She will have someone contact Robin for presentation/discussion at the next meeting.

There being no new business or further discussion the meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Robin Boucher,