Metro – November 1, 2017



The El Rancho Florida Metropolitan District held their regular monthly meeting on November 1, 2017 at 6:00 PM.   The following Board members attended the meeting:


Steve Swisher – President
Robin Boucher – Vice President
David Shipps – Treasurer
Mike Arries – Secretary
Jim Belcher – Director


Also, present for the meeting were: Robert Ludwig & Tom Riley – water operators; Rex Emenegger – grader operator and Marsha Moreland – administrator.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM.



The October 4, 2017 minutes were approved as written.



It was a ‘quiet’ month within the water system.  One homeowner went to shut her meter off but shut off the neighbor’s instead.  They were without water for approximately 24 hrs.  Tom explained to the owner that it is not the policy of the District to allow homeowners to shut off their water at the meters. They break it they pay for it.  Robert and Tom do not anticipate replacing any more meters before the end of the year.


The tank hatch will be around $15,000 to replace.  The water will be drained, and then filled when completed, disinfected and closed up.  The cost does not include finish paint for the outside or the gaskets.  It will be a 3 day project.


A motion was made, moved and passed to sign the Acceptance Award for Riley Industrial to complete the job before the end of the year.


The hydrant repair at 480 Ranchos Florida Drive was completed and is operational.  There is a good tight seal, however the ‘o’ ring still needs replacing.



At 6:17 pm the Board of Directors, Robert Ludwig and Tom Riley went into executive session to discuss protocol on water operations, licensing of Operators and response time.  The session was closed at 6:56 pm.



Accounts Payable – The payables were reviewed and approved.

Accounts Receivable – Marsha did not have an accounts receivable report available but would email to board after meeting.

2018 BUDGET – Marsha reviewed the ‘revised’ Budget DRAFT for 2018 with the Board & Staff.  There followed a discussion about whether there is a need for an additional part time employee to assist Rex in his culvert cleaning.  Rex estimates $500/mo. for 6 months.  The Board will decide at the next meeting if his helper is to be an ‘employee’ or ‘contract’ labor and what the hourly rate will be.



Rex had emailed his road report to the Board prior to the meeting.   The Board discussed how pleased they were with the mix on the mag chloride and lignum sulfate this year.  The roads seem to hold up well.  Rex did review the work on the culvert cleaning that is being done.  There is still more to do yet this year and then they should be in good shape going into spring.  Regular cleaning is a must going forward.


Marsha asked if there is to be any bridge maintenance in 2018.  Rex asked that $2,000 be budgeted for cleaning the gravel off the sides during the year.


Rex asked for $800 to repair the compressor buildings aeration lines that have leaks. Someone vandalized it by pushing the building with their vehicle and breaking the conduit at the bottom.  The gate lock was also vandalized.  New lock needed.


COMMON AREAS:  Rex asked if the Metro. District would be open to the HOA spending money on improvements to the common areas.   The topic was tabled for another meeting when there is more time for discussion.



  • Discussion followed on the building permit that Cynthia Stengel asked for approval on. The lots are single family residential taps which does not allow for additional dwelling units.  The HOA Covenants do not allow for Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs).  Her permit is for the construction of a 10 foot ‘breezeway’ connecting the house to the garage.  There is not a ‘separate’ water line from the meter to the garage.  Only one single family water tap.
  • David Shipps reported that speed bumps are in place at Forest Groves Estates which are 100’ apart throughout the subdivision. Forest Groves Estates was having similar speeding problems as El Rancho Florida and ‘cut in’ speed bumps for the spring & summer months.  They are then filled in during the winter months.  It really has slowed their traffic down a lot.  The bumps are approximately 6” high and 20’ wide at 100 foot intervals.  Their roads are all gravel with mag chloride & lignum sulfate mix like El Ranchos Florida’s roads.  The Board may consider putting 8-10 speed bumps between Ranchos Florida Drive and Cassidy Drive.  Possibly try it this summer and scrape them off in the winter months.  Forest Groves Estates contractor is Lonnie at Rocking J Contracting should the Board need more information.  The District would have to put up warning signs that bumps are in the roadway and slow down for safety.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Michael Arries, Secretary