Regular Meeting – October 8, 2013


The regular meeting of the Board was held on October 8, 2013 at the 280 Sundance Circle at 6:00 PM. Present for the meeting were the following Board Members:

Jack Wasserbach – President
Rex Emenegger – Vice President
Peter Diethrich – Treasurer
Teri Roberts

Also present for the meeting was Marsha Moreland – Executive Secretary. The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM. Kate Pickford was unable to make the meeting due to being out of town.


A motion was made, moved and passed to approve the minutes of September 10, 2013 as written.



  1. Legal counsel’s letter on the By-Law Amendments: Tracy Cross’s DRAFT amendments to the By-Laws were reviewed by the Board. She stated that an election is required by the membership and that the ballot reflects the required revisions. It could be a ‘mail ballot’ election sent by mail or e-mail. The notice of the election will go out in the paper October 15th (15 day notice) for an Annual meeting on December 6th at 7:30 PM and the election on November 1st, 2013. If the questions are approved then the Annual Meeting will be scheduled in February. Ballots must be in no later than November 1st at 5:00 PM. There followed a lengthy discussion on what % of members the Board wanted to put in the question on the required quorum for meetings of the membership to constitute a quorum.
    A motion was made, moved and passed to call for a mail ballot election and to go with 15% (20) of the membership (lot owners) to constitute a quorum.
    Other questions will be on the Annual Meeting day, time and place to be the discretion of the Board of Directors in ‘February’ each year. Also, how the meetings are noticed to the membership to include ‘e-mail’ 15 days notice and no more than 50 days in advance.
  2. Marsha will include two notices on the billings: Call for election for the HOA and culvert cleaning by the property owners of their culverts.
  3. Rex is working with Tracy Cross on the format for the Deed transfer to the Metro District on the UNIT II common area.
  4. Podlesnik’s irrigation pipe extension thru Austin’s property is not viable as Austin stated that it is only big enough to provide irrigation to her lot and that Podlesnik will need to do his own pipe separate of her connection.
  5. Accounts Payable – A motion was made, moved and passed approving payables presented at this meeting.




  1. BP AMOCO Line Replacement: Checks were received from BP AMOCO one to the HOA for $2708 and one to the Metro. District for $4570 with mag. Chloride on Sundance Circle for 50 feet in the area they are utilizing.
  2. New Mexico Jumping Mouse: Jack explained that he and Marsha had heard from John Eye of the Florida Water Conservancy that the jumping mouse may be in the area of El Rancho Florida along the river corridor. Jack gave him approval to conduct his survey and let us know the results. If the mouse is in the area it will impact the amount of water released into El Rancho Florida Subdivision and how much is released.
  3. Heather Snow-Gable’s alleged ‘single family’ home residency violation: It appears the property is ‘abandoned’ however, the lot is being used. The house and the 2nd building (barn) is being rented out by 2 different families/renters. A letter will be drafted on the violation of the covenants. The Metro. District needs to address the issue of the ‘single family’ residential tap. The letter needs to be posted on the barn and house.
  4. Wester’s Barn: A conditional variance was given to the Westers; however there has been no communication from them as to the letter that was sent by the Board. Jack will go and speak with them.




  • Water System – The District is applying for a grant from DOLA on improvements to the Distribution System. Goff Engineering has been chosen for the engineer on the project. It will cost approximately $4,000 for the engineering plan for grant application. Plans are to do $1.2 million worth of improvements to the lines, valves, hydrants, etc. beginning in June of next year.
  • Roads – The recent rains in September cased some real damage to the roads and other areas. Rex is still cleaning up areas affected. He has modified the water truck, with help from Tim Ellis, to hydro clean the culverts throughout the subdivision that they can. Most culverts are blocked before, and certainly after the rain, causing flooding in areas.


There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 7:48 PM.

________________________, Secretary