October 9, 2017

Regular Meeting – October 9, 2018


A regular meeting of the Board of Directors for the El Rancho Florida HOA, Inc. was held on October 9, 2018 at 6:00 PM at 280 Sundance Circle. Present for the meeting were:
Rex Emenegger – President
Eric Sibelius – Vice President
Wendy Ludgewait – Secretary
Paul Valdez- Director

Also present was Marsha Moreland, Administrator. The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm.


The minutes of September 11, 2018 were approved.


  1. Accounts Receivable are $3,138.69. Ditch Receivables are $2,568.69 and Annual Fees are $570.
  2. Accounts Payable totaled $448.50.
  3. The fall yard sale had minimal participation. Discuss on future yard sales will be on the 2019 Annual Meeting agenda. .


  1. New Owners: Lyn & Sara Mortimer – 135 Ute Place under construction.
    Sean & Jessica Onions – 960 Sundance Circle
    Sean & Mallory O’Brian – 245 Sundance Circle
  2. For Sale:
    Clark/Judd – 700 Pioneer Circle
    Core/White – 60 Oxford Place
    Colin McBeath – 230 Sundance Circle
    Suzanne Carlson – 120 Sundance Circle
    Lyn Boyer – 692 Sundance Circle
    Sandra & Bill Mitchell – 926 Sundance Circle
    Schulthesis – 563 Ranchos Florida Drive
  3. Irrigation:
    The leak at Gans’ was reduced with the bentonite mixture. Rex said there are some choices as to a possible remedy:

a.  Dig a trench and have it bypass the Gan’s pasture.
b. Apply an additional application of bentonite.
c. Lay down liner in the ditch and cover it with clay. There is a deer trail that runs thru the ditch but their hooves will puncture the liner.
d. Cut an existing  36” pipe in half and lay it in the ditch for 40 feet,   Eric said that the bentonite should be mixed with fines to hold up better.
e. Do nothing.

Option b. will be done in October.

Lateral ‘C’ downstream users are getting little ‘adjudicated’ water because it takes too long for the pond to fill at 90 Florida Place. The flow to that pond needs to be reduced by half.  Some ideas discussed to remedy the situation are:

a)  lay pipe around the pond, or run a pipe down the middle of the pond and punch it through the existing dam.

b) Cut a ditch as it exits the pond at 769 Ranchos Florida to the draw above 687 Ranchos Florida that contains lateral C.

c) Install a gate above 867 Ranchos Florida and run the irrigation water down the bar ditch.

The Board discussed meeting with Scott Davis, Rod Humble and any interested downstream lateral C users to discuss the remedies.

Ditch cleaning also needs to be done in Lateral ‘C’ but the access is poor if not impossible to the area north of the pond.

4.  Metro. District Updates:

a)  The HOA discussed contributing money to the Metro District to cover the annual costs the HOA             has been paying for landscape maintenance, portable toilet rental, trash removal service and                       general R&M of the area.  The 2019 expense is approximately $4,240.

A motion was made and passed that the HOA will contribute annually the costs of  maintaining the common area at the pond including but not limited to trash removal, portable toilet service, landscape maintenance and general repairs & maintenance effective January 2019.  The Metro District will resume management of the common area at 338 Ranchos Florida.

b)   David Latham has put in a request to the Metro District for access thru Sundance Circle to his property on the Ute Reservation south of Sundance Circle between Emenegger and Boucher’s lots.
At this time it is not clear whether Latham owns the property.   Currently, access exists to the property though Valley Place and another access from CR 222. It is unknown if the County would approve another access off of Sundance Circle.

The HOA will draft a letter to Latham with a copy to the County objecting to any access from Sundance Circle.  Rex will draft that letter and will  speak with Tracy Cross, HOA attorney, prior to sending that letter. The Metro District will not be ‘objecting’ as the roads are dedicated to the public and are on the county road system. The HOA Board urges the Metro District to object to the proposal.


  1. ‘Welcome to El Rancho Florida’ signs. Rex spoke with John Katsos, of John’s Creations, who estimated that two metal signs would cost approximately $1200.  The need for such signs will be discussed at the annual meeting.
  2. The Metro District has budgeted $1500 for stocking the pond with fish in 2019. The stocking of fish and the current catch & release policy will be discussed at the annual meeting.
  3. Florida Mesa District Planning – The Metro District is getting involved with a committee to better represent the interests of our residential owners at the Florida Mesa Planning District meetings.
  4. Vetting of Contracts by the HOA for large projects – Eric Sibelius stated the HOA should do a better job of vetting contractors for work on construction projects. Work should be for the ‘lowest’ price possible on projects with estimated costs more than  $ 2,500.  Marsha will get rate sheets from Bonds, Necchi, Ashburn, Leeder and Hale for future reference.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Wendy Ludgewait, Secretary