September 11, 2018

Regular Meeting – September 11, 2018


A regular meeting of the Board of Directors for the El Rancho Florida HOA, Inc. was held on September 11, 2018 at 6:00 PM at 280 Sundance Circle. Present for the meeting were:

Rex Emenegger – President
Eric Sibelius – Vice President
Pete Diethrich – Treasurer
Paul Valdez- Director

Also present was:  Steve Swisher – President of Metro District Board; Robin Boucher – Vice President of Metro District Board and Marsha Moreland, Administrator to the HOA.



The Metro Board believes that there needs to be a new agreement between the two Boards that more clearly defines the responsibilities and the cost sharing of managing and improving the common areas.    Steve complimented the HOA on their landscaping improvements to the common area surrounding the picnic shade structures.


  1. The Metro Board is concerned as to who will be ‘regulating’ the use of the pond.
  2. The Metro Board has voted to not participate in the joint project of installing an office building in the common area adjacent to the pond. However, they reserve the right to participate in the future.  Questions still exist regarding maintenance, insurance, utilities, installation costs and the security of the subdivision records stored in the building.
  3. The HOA Board said that the structure would be an office building used for office space, meetings of both Boards and for the secure storage of subdivision records.  The cost savings to both Boards were recognized as (1) a savings on the current monthly rental expense for meeting space in Durango and (2) on the savings of time and travel expenses incurred by board members in attending the monthly meetings in Durango.  The HOA confirmed that they do not own any property within the subdivision where such a facility could be installed.


A motion was made to table any decision until the Annual Meeting when it can be discussed again with the home owners as to their vision for use of the common area in general and for the installation of such an office building.


  1. The Metro Board believes that the current Agreement does not clearly specify for the payment of Wages/Payroll for maintenance work in the common areas. They believe that the HOA is responsible for payment for all time and wage expenses. Rex reported that all wages incurred since the agreement was originally executed on January 1, 2015 have been expensed and paid by the Metro District.  A clarification of that responsibility would be easily met by changing the line item category in the annual Metro Budget to read “Payroll–Maintenance” from the current category “Payroll-Rd Maintenance”.  All common real property within the subdivision is owned by the Metro District.   The agreements dated January 1, 2015 and January 1, 2016 were reviewed.  Steve and Rex will draft a solution and possibility a new common area agreement before the next Metro meeting on October 3rd.       The Metro Board recommended the implementation of a regular annual joint meeting of both Boards.  The HOA Board reminded all board members to regularly review the posting of both sets of minutes on the website.


Steve updated the HOA on the completion of the Water System Improvements plan in 2019 which is estimated to cost 1.2 million dollars.  The District has applied for a DOLA Energy Impact Grant for ½ of the cost of the project.  The District does have the ‘match money’ and is ready to go if the grant is approved.  If it is not approved then the District will phase in the remaining improvements over the next 5 years.

The Metro Board thanked the HOA Board for hosting this joint meeting.



A motion was made and passed approving the minutes of August 14, 2018 with one correction.



  1. Accounts Receivable totaled $ 4,852.71.  Ditch Fees at $2690.00 and $2,162.71 for HOA Dues.  The Board approved 2 Lien Intents to be sent and Liens filed after 30 days if no payment received.
  2. Accounts Payable were approved at $6,096.86. (See attached listing)
  3. Semi Annual Yard Sale – September 15th at 8:00 am. Marsha will send out email notices to the residents.



  1. New Owners: Monica & Stephen Parsons bought 2242 CR 510
  2. 2. For Sale:
    Peterson – 111 Valley Place
              Clark/Judd – 700 Pioneer Circle
    Core/White – 60 Oxford Place
    Janet Lewis – 245 Sundance Circle
              Colin Mc Beath – 230 Sundance Circle
              Suzsnne Carlson – 120 Sundance Circle
    Victor Schulthesis  –   563 Ranchos Florida
  3. Irrigation: (The maintenance plan before the end of the season)
  • The property at 40 Florida Place has a leak in the main irrigation ditch that is leeching into the property owner’s horse pasture. Eric, Bob Schmidt and Rex will continue to investigate and report at the next meeting.  There are a number of remedies being considered ranging from “doing nothing” to “casing 120’ of ditch in 24” pipe”.
  • Weed spraying in the ditch as recommended by Basin Coop, will be completed by Bob & Rex in September. .
  • 90 & 93 Florida Place – The delivery of water to the downstream users of lateral ‘C’ is minimal.  An alternate delivery system serving both 90 & 93 Florida Place and the downsteam users’ needs to be installed.


  1. Garbage Cam – does not appear to be needed at this time.  The abuse has stopped.
  2. La Plata County’s Florida Mesa District Planning Group meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Church of the Nazarene on HWY 172. Planning Commission meetings are scheduled for Sept 6th, Oct 11th, Nov 1st, and Dec 6th at 6:00 pm at the County Administration Building, 1101 E. 2nd Ave in Durango.  The Florida Mesa District Plan is on the agenda for each of these meetings.
  3. Seeding Project turned out quite nice down at the pond.



  • Reminder of upcoming County planning meetings on the Florida Mesa District Plan.
  • Common area improvements
  • Gate combo

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Wendy Ludgewait, Secretary